Monday, February 25, 2013

Zafar Missile Test A Hoax--Iran

A Clear Case Of تكرار
By: Jabbar Fazeli, MD

Yesterday, the Iranian Pasdaran (IRGC) proudly announced yet another test of an indigenously produced anti-ship cruise missile. It is reported to be the fastest and latest such missile. The IRGC released a video of that test which was posted on this blog yesterday.

Video link for the Feb 24, 2013 test:

There is only one little problem with this latest missile test: the same clip was posted on YouTube on Jan 26, 2013:

And again on Feb 21, 2012:

And yet again on Feb 4, 2012 clip:

Based on the above, it appears that the IRGC kept reusing the clip of the first test every time they announced a new test of the Zafar missile. Considering that all the Zafar missile test clips look the same, the IRGC actually has no proof that it ever conducted a test since the unveiling of the Zafar missile 12 months ago.

Is the original Zafar missile test clip a hoax too?

Aside from the apparent fabricating of the news of the follow up missile tests, I was also puzzled by the part of the video clip that shows the point of impact.

If you watch the clip carefully you can see that the "missile" appears to be traveling underwater in the terminal phase, and not at sea skimming altitude as the missile specifications call for (1,2).

The impact with the decoy also appears to happen under the surface, and not above sea level. I would invite experts on this weaponry to comment on the plausibility that the impact with the target actually represents a torpedo impact, and not an AshM impact. In other words, whether or not the missile test being shown is actually showing a missile being fired and instead of a missile hit, we see a Torpedo impact.

In the meantime, I included a clip below that shows an older generation Iranian AshM test in which the impact with the target clearly occurs above sea level and not underwater.

August 9, 2011

According to reliable Iranian government sources, the next generation cruise missile will be supersonic and intercontinental anti-everything named "خيال". This part was a joke, but the total loss of credibility of Iran is no joke!


Photo source:PressTV,


Anonymous said...

Fars news Photoshoping Michelle Obama (and Lady Ashton)

B.M.A said...

OH! everything is a hoax in Iran according to our to humble MD except the hanging practice.---THIS IS THE only activity that carries truthfulness !!

B.M.A said...

oh! SEEMS every achievement is a hoax in Iran with the exception of the free falling rial and the hangings!!.

Anonymous said... --- The history of the C-802 cruise missile.

Anonymous said...

The link to the August 9, 2001 clip leads to the start page...

Anonymous said...

Jabbar, believe it or not, these missiles are no hoax. Not everything is a fake or propaganda regardless of your disposition towards Iran or the government. Iranian missile development is quite advanced and lethal.

Anonymous said...

Iranian naval forces are indeed a serious foe for any aggressor. Afghanistan had no naval capabilites. Iraq virtually had no navy either since 1991, just a few slow patrol boats with MGs on them. Outright conventional war against the Iranian military will be unlike anything the U.S. has experienced since 1945. The achilles heel of the U.S. military planner is his unwillingness to sustain casualties as his ego does not allow him to initiate actions that generates losses. Iran has a strong deterence that's why US hasn't attacked Iran.

Anonymous said...

I apologize in advance for posting this link that is not related to this topic.
This is for Mark / BMA and everybody els who so proudly were applouding the current building projects in different cities in Iran (Most likely being built by IRGC / or people connected to IRGC and the esatblishment without any real free competition in the private sector)
Now have a look at the link and be proud defenders of the Maffia theocracy :

Anonymous said...

You are slowly beginning to learn!

Anonymous said...

By the way before you start accusing me of being a "Zionist , MKO supporter / Monarchist" etc..... Please note that the pictures are taken by ISNA

Colonel MacGregor said...

Well, theoretically speaking, in the event of war it is quite likely that a couple of US ships will be targeted, hit by these anti-ship missiles and totally crippled to the point where they have to be ordered to retreat. One or two ships might even get damaged so badly that an evacuation will be needed for the remainder of the crew that did survive before it goes to the bottom of the sea. We will probably loose a couple of aircraft as well in Iranian airspace if we decide to strike their facilities. On the other hand Iranian cities, infrastructure, military etc will be destroyed on a grand scale. The Iranians will take enormous losses especially military ones, but one cannot rule out civilian deaths as that is pretty much unavoidable. Civilians are bound to fall victim, that has always been the case in all wars. Collateral damage is an ever present equation that cannot be eliminated completly in war, im afraid.

Politicians on both sides need to work on de-escalating the rethoric. A war need not happen between our two countries. It's a synthetically created situation that will only serve to the detriment for both us and you.

Douglas Macgregor. said...

Interview with Russia Today

mat said...

From my own point of observations, IRAN, indeed, is playing a hide-and-seek with those Zionist warmongers of the U.S. and its lackey allies. I positively think that IRAN is too smart and isn't that stupid enough and of course, will never ever reveal all its quite a great number of sophisticated military cards to the world. No any nation on earth will do such a stupid thing even the dumbest one. It's all IRAN's puzzles and that's the way it goes. Whatever it is, so far, 34 years have gone.

mat said...

1979 to 2013 = 34

Nader Uskowi said...


Iranian authorities can keep any and all parts of their military development classified. But when they announce the test firing of a new missile and provide a video to support their claim, and then the video turns out to be two years old, it destroys their own credibility.

Unfortunately, this is becoming an old story with reports of new developments coming out of Iran: aerospace director holding the wrong monkey; an F-313 that cannot fly, the capture of an spy drone that turns out to be their very own; and now the test-firing of a new missile that turns out to be 2 years old; and all these within a period of 30 days!!

Anonymous said...

"Afghanistan had no naval capabilities" !!
Please have a look at the map (if you have one) and tell us what the Afghans would do with their "naval capabilities" ??

Mark Pyruz said...

It did look like they provided an old clip of a Nasr type AShM, and they didn't provide a lot of technical differentiation for the newer subtype. But this isn't unusual. The same applies to their MRBMs.

A lot of it has to do with the poor quality of defense reporting in Iran. And they're not alone in this regard. Did you happen to see the takedown of the latest ISIS report, re: the magnet story, in the latest Bulletin of Atomic Scientists? And yet this report had received maximum exposure in the Washington Post and was even parroted here at Uskowi on Iran.

In the case of the Zafar, I made the observation that in the runup to the upcoming nuclear talks, the Iranians are pushing pushing defense reporting. This they've also done in the past. And this isn't a "mixed signal". They always try to show a "maximum hand" going in to these things.

Still hoping something comes out of the talks. Otherwise we'll have to hope for Ghalibaf to be elected president in June, and hopefully a reset from the U.S. in relations toward the Islamic Republic. That's a lot of hoping!

Anonymous said...

Yes mat,it's been a long while therefore time for regime change.

Anonymous said...

mat is living in a dream world where Iran under the fascist theocracy is equipped with Star Wars like armies.
But in reality the country is equipped with 70s era weaponry which the Imperial government had wisely purchased at the time.

Nader Uskowi said...

I don’t quite understand what “pushing” defense reporting means! If it means that the Iranians are rushing to show their advances in military technology and new equipment to gain upper hand during the Almaty talks, they are not succeeding: unveiling new jet fighters that can’t fly, capturing one of their own drones and showcasing a two-year old cruise missile do not scare anyone!

And let’s not rush to blame the Iranian media for these PR disasters. They are reporting what the defense and military officials are telling them. (Of course if Iran had a free press, they could/should have refused to report on what they believed were false information.) The reality is that the sources for all the misinformation outlined above were the country’s senior defense and military officials. I assume we all need to be extra careful parroting their announcements without qualifying them.

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen, no need to get your collective knickers in a knot. The simple fact is that all nations exaggerate their military achievements and capabilities to deter their potential foes and create national imaging, the US is no exception either, just look at the disastrous F-35 failed project, WMD nonsense, "shock and awe", Gulf of Tonkin, propaganda and henceforth. The Pentagon, Langley and Foggy Bottom lies and disinformation factories in collaboration with Hollywood is the ultimate fantasy factory. The pip-squeak Zionist entity is the ultimate master of propaganda and has kept the largely ignorant and illiterate Arab fellahin in "shock and awe" since the occuption of Palestine in 1948. The global Zionist hasbara propaganda machine mostly financed by the deadbeat US taxpayers is also in the Olympic League of baloney peddling. Ever watched Glen Beck and the FOX/CNN effluent factory? BBC is another serial truth manipulator.

India and Pakistan are not too shabby in propaganda department either.
Pakistan buys North Korean and Chinese missiles, tanks and planes and paints them green and then gives them an Afghan and Arabic name like Ghauri, Abdali, al-Khalid (Ukranian T-80 tank) etc. Crazy Saddam and Baghdad Bob wrote the book on delusional propaganda, the shah was no slouch either when claiming Iran as equal to Japan in economic growth etc. Brother Kim, his dad and grand pappy and his clan in DPRK should also be given gold for their propaganda efforts and "raining destruction on the US" etc.

The Soviets used to come up with a lot of undiluted crappola too. Iran's often robust claims are partly due to the mullahs ignorance of global media and PR and also part of their defence strategy of showing how much damage they can inflict on any aggressor. Keep in mind that Iran has been on the receiving end of US/Zionist wars, sanctions, terrorism and relentless pressure. So cut them some slack. This is what Dr.Noam Chomsky calls the art of "manufacturing consent" in the game of nations. Press TV, IRNA, Mehr and Fars are no exception.

Anonymous said...

It means that the propaganda outlets affiliated with the Iranian government are printing lies that the government is formulating. Fanboy is asserting that the lies are meant to make the regime look as if it possesses some strength, nuch as a toad will use its air sacs to inflate itself and look larger when confronted with a predator.

He is attempting, lamely, to push responsibility for the pathetic charade onto the people writing down and reporting the lies rather than the government.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be an Airconditioned or rather a RECONDITIONEDBOY than a "fanboy". Name calling people rather than coming up with valid counterpoints is a bit passe and does not pass the basic intelligence test even for a half-wit. Mark normally posts defence news about Iran corroborated by most media and backed up by visual evidence. So settle down and have another cookie.LOL.

Anonymous said...

No, mark posts far more than just defense news, friend. he posts a stream of comments comparing Iran to WWII England, a small slew of slurrious false equivalencies attempting to posit Iran as being nearly as democratic and free as western nations, and a dozen comments and a couple of posts endorsing the entirely uninfluential Leveretts.... and other drivelous droppings

Anonymous said...

It is not hoax. either a bad journalism or maybe they don't want to show the latest missile to American for free

Unknown said...

@Colonel MacGregor 11:22

Thank you for the comment.

No argument here on your analysis of the potential outcomes of battle, but I would say that the concerns of Iranians go beyond the threat of war with the US.

The people of Iran are having to contend with a stalinist iron grip, and more than 1/3 of the population is unemployed. The few Iranians, in their desperation, may see war as a welcome opportunity to brake the shackles but other than that most iranians don't worry much about foreign policy.

For the record, I think war would potentially make the regime more oppressive and brutal internally, but what do I know.

Unknown said...

@Mark 1:44
I am surprised that you are blasé about the IR blatant and habitual lies.

Anonymous said...

The "MD" and other spies would like to see terminal trajectories of missiles in order to better prepare enemies,(It is one of the main goals of this blog, beside of attempts to establish locations of commentators...)
That is the reason that he and others use to moan aboat the "hoaxes"...

For his statement that there is unemployment in Iran (he doesn't states that it is because western aggression and the sanctions!!!), I would like to dedicate to him info that over 20% US population uses "food stamps" and that there are hundreds of thousands of "homeless peoples..." and others with "honorable post traumatic" syndroms...

Those <"freedom lovers" use to delete my comments frequently or repost them after several days, so, if interested, please read my comments under some past articles..

I have made some discoveries about "true faces" of the "authors" of this blog and I hope to reveal them in the future. Apparently they will try obstruct my efforts like it has been done so far...

Bahram said...

The missle test is not a hoax as Dr Fazeli sugests because the speed of the projectile is to great to be a torpedo. Also when there is an underwater detonation there is a large displasment of water wich is not evident in the fotage showen in the clip.

I fail to see how the old clip of the missile test is linked with the press tv report of the Zafar missile test. To me it just appears to be an old clip that was uploaded recently on Youtube.

Anonymous said...

And those sanctions are set in place because????? Sir or Madame where do you reside?


Anonymous said...

Mr Fazeli ,
Talking about habitual lies ,I thought it would interest readers of this blog to know that on the crucial second day of meetings between Iran and western powers in Almaty a bombastic headline in London's Daily Telegraph ,Haaretz Ynews ,DEBKA file and not by surprise simultaneously 568 other news outlets sent the world atwitter with this headline:
"Iran's 'Plan B' for a nuclear bomb:Iran is developing a second path to nuclear weapons capability by operating a plant that could produce plutonium ,satellite images show for the first time"
where in fact it was a plant formally opened in 2006 by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Arak.(1)

we all know how the west manipulates news to get public opinion behind its aggressions do we need to remind you of the never existing WMD's in IRAQ?

the big question is ,which lie is more harmful a country under threat of war boasting miserably about her defense capabilities or a world superpower with the capacity to destroy the world 50 times over on its way to hunt its 50th target in the recent history with lies?

on the side line i'm surprised to see you, who are blase about blatant and habitual lies ,missed it !
I presume it was just another honest mistake.

Kind Regards