Thursday, February 21, 2013

Current construction projects in Shiraz, Iran

Like Iran's other urban centers, Shiraz is also the scene of numerous construction projects, in progress or recently completed. Here is a sample of such projects in and around the city. Note: former Uskowi on Iran member and Shiraz resident Amir Taheri used to describe the economic vitality of his municipality to the disbelief of many an expatriate. Here is the photographic evidence supporting his recent claims:

Persian Gulf Star Tourism Complex, 51 floors, under construction

Persian Gulf Star Tourism Complex, sectional views, under construction

Persian Gulf Star Tourism Complex, section completed

Above: Persian Gulf Star Tourism Complex Hyperstar Market. Note fully stocked isles, representative of all of Iran's numerous Hyperstar locations

Persian Gulf Star Tourism Complex, artist's rendering of completed project

Chenarahdar Park and Reservoir Project, under construction

Above: Artist's renderings of Chenarahdar Park and Reservoir Project

Eshan Bridge, under construction

Iman Bridge, under construction

Shiraz highway infrastructure projects, under construction

Rahmat-Bahonar Bridge, under construction
Left: Fakhrbad Parking project, under construction
Right: Fakhrbad Parking project, artist's rendering

Saadi Tunnel project, under construction

Saadi Tunnel, artists's rendering

Left: Forouzan Water Park Project, under construction
Right: Forouzan Water Park Project, artist's rendering

Left: Barf Foroushan Complex, under construction
Right: Barf Foroushan Complex, artist's rendering

Molaibad Bridges project, under construction

Left: Sepehr Complex, under construction
Right: Sepehr Complex, artist's rendering

Shiraz Grand Hotel, recently completed

Left: Rezvan Bridge, under construction
Right: Rezvan Bridge, artist's rendering


Anonymous said...

How about selecting a president that is not an insult to the country and its people - or is that too much for the regime ?

Anonymous said...

Bravo and glory, all these photos deny all barking and ill wishes of agents and Zionist's symphatizers...


Anonymous said...

Absolutely splendid and beautiful. I'm Proud to be Iranian.

Anonymous said...

All proceeds to the IRGC terrorists.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid the whole regime is an insult to its people.

Anonymous said...

Really? So go and ask one of your bosses,mullah Taeb,why he is willing to sell Khuzestan for Syria?

B.M.A said...

A HUMBLE question!

@can Pakistan and Saudi Arabia undertake such complicated engineering projects on their own -we know there are construction companies there but , can they stand alone -the answer should be no despite their zeal in building rapport with west! and competitions in boot liking their common masters!.

@may be the most significant thing about these projects is the fact that there is no foreign construction company undertaking these projects but rather are accomplished by the youthful engineers in the country!.

Anonymous said...

As usual rubbish B.M.A,the Chinese construction companies are involved in numerous construction projects the metro project as well as the recent flyover in north Tehran.

Anonymous said...

Now,Now,A-F,you're becoming excitable again.What has nurse told you about using the internet so soon after medication time?

B.M.A said...

I knew that you would be quick to mention the CHINESE!!. NOW be sincere-do you mean the level of participation of IRANIANS in these projects can be compared to the QATAR and Kuwait?.

@Iranian companies are very much involved in these projects

@ IRANIAN engineers are actively involved in these projects

and then the sanctions become a passing cloud1.

Anonymous said...

It is good to see Iran progress. BTW, Iranian construction sector is ranked number 12 in the world in terms of size and contribution to GDP. All of Iranian construction boom is led by local engineers and does not need foreign assistance like the Arab petro-pimpdoms which are the golden fleece for western looters club.

Yossarian said...

Is Shiraz getting a metro?

Anonymous said...

I admire,
Greetings to all fellow designers and builders of Iran!
D.Ing.Plamen Ankov