Sunday, February 10, 2013

Obama to Up Iran Heat in Return for Peace Talks - Report

Netanyahu's aides will visit U.S. in an attempt to link Iranian, Palestinian issues, the Jerusalem Post reported today, citing a report that will be published by the Sunday Times.

“US President Barack Obama is willing to up pressure against the Iranian nuclear program if Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will open talks with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on borders and security issues,” the report says. (JP, 10 February)

According to the report, “the US promised to raise the heat on the Iran issue in return for more open talks with the Palestinian leader even if core issues such as Jerusalem and the issues of Palestinian refugees is not raised.”

To read the Jerusalem Post report, please click here.
File Photo: Netanyahu and Obama at the White House. (Amos Ben Gershom/GPO/JP)


Anonymous said...

I thank God that Obama has kept Israel from destroying our country, if only we had freedom of information in Iran all the people could see this for themselves!


Mark Pyruz said...

The Jerusalem Post is an unreliable source for Iran-related reporting.

Nader Uskowi said...

What do you think is the unreliable part of this report? Linking the two issues together? It indeed seems odd for the administration to link these two issues. But a senior Israeli advisor is quoted as saying that and it's of course worth listening to.

Anonymous said...

As of today February 10, the article "Khamenei Rejects US Offer for Direct Talks"; that was dated February 7 (and posted 3 days ago by Uskowi), is not shown by youur webside during my viewing, at present and earlier.

That kind of "events" (disappereance of articles) had happened in the past with other articles, that reemerged thereafter.

Looks like it is another form of a censorship, where somebody doesn't want inconvenient articles with their comments being seen by more viewers.


Unknown said...

@A-F 10:15pm
With all due respect to your delusions, don't you think that if you're the only one missing articles that it is possible that your IR made technology is failing you?! Just a thought!

Btw the article you're missing is at

Ps. It would be illogical for the site to censor is own posts. Once published the posts are there to stay.