Saturday, February 23, 2013

Egypt Clarifies Relationship with Iran

Iran’s state-owned Press TV reported on Friday that Egypt’s Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr has praised Iran as a “regional power that no one can ignore.” The report also said that Egypt wanted Tehran’s involvement in resolving the crisis in Syria. 

Meanwhile, Daily News Egypt reported that the minister of foreign affairs has released a statement titled ‘Egypt clarifies relationship with Iran.’ The statement clarifies what Amr had actually said and outlines the limitations in Egypt's relations with Iran. (EAWorldView/Daily News Egypt, 23 February)

“Iran is a regional power that no one can ignore, but there are determinants of the relationship and Egypt has fixed limitations and is committed to them,” Amr said.

The statement, published in today’s edition of Daily News Egypt, outlines three limitations regarding relations with Iran:

First, Egypt’s policy of non-interference in another country’s internal affairs and no tolerance for another country interfering in internal Egyptian affairs.

Second, no sectarian activity in other countries. 

Third, Egypt’s policy on security in the Persian Gulf, equating Gulf security to Egyptian security and adding that Cairo will not have relations with any party at the expense of the security of the Gulf and will not allow any side to tamper with the security of the Gulf.

File photo: Egypt’s Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr (Press TV)


Anonymous said...

not sure that the description should be taken as praise.

B.M.A said...

WE KNEW Egypt would clarify 'something'! after the minster's statement on Iran! and much more is coming!

and this is one of the many disadvantages of being someones project and a stooge!.YOU NEVER MAKE INDEPENDENT DECISIONS without quickly re tracking after some nudging from your master!-LONG live Iran Long live the revolution!!.

Anonymous said...

Iran and Egypt are the real powers of the region with ancient civilizations and huge populations. If they cooperate and form a regional axis, the US/Zionists are history. That is the reason the deadbeat US taxpayers fork out $3 billion a year to buy the Egyptian military and corrupt politicians to keep them from pushing the Zionist cancer from Occupied Palestine into the sea where they belong.