Thursday, February 14, 2013

Iran Attempted Purchase of Magnate Signals Move to Expand Nuclear Capacity – Post

Iran Also Converts 20-Percent Uranium into Reactor Metal – Easing Concerns over Nuclear Weapon Program

The Washington Post reports that Iran recently sought to acquire tens of thousands of highly specialized magnets used in centrifuge machines. The experts and diplomats told the Post that the attempted purchase was “a sign that Iran may be planning a major expansion of its nuclear program that could shorten the path to an atomic weapons capability.” (The Washington Post, 14 February)

The report says Iranian agents attempted to buy 100,000 of the ring-shaped magnets — which are banned from export to Iran under U.N. resolutions — from China about a year ago. It is unclear whether the attempt succeeded. This particular attempt to purchase banned items from foreign vendors is significant, the Post says, because of it’s the purchase order’s specificity and sheer size, enough magnets in theory to outfit 50,000 new centrifuges. Iran is believed to have some 14,000 centrifuges now.

The Washington Post report coincides with Iran’s announcement this week that it will install new generation of centrifuges at Natanz uranium enrichment unit. The new IR2M will be 3-6 times faster that the existing IR1 machines. Their exact efficiency of the new model depends on a number of factors including the quality of the raw material. The installation of the IR2M centrifuges could double the current capacity at Natanz.

“They are positioning themselves to make a lot of nuclear progress quickly,” a European diplomat was quoted by the Washington Post as saying. “Each step forward makes the situation potentially more dangerous.”

Olli Heinonen who led the IAEA nuclear inspections inside Iran before his retirement in 2010, has told the Post that the type of magnet sought by Iran was highly specific to the IR-1 centrifuge.

“The numbers in the order make sense, because Iran originally told us it wanted to build more than 50,000 of the IR-1s,” Heinonen said. “The failure rate on these machines is 10 percent a year, so you need a surplus.” (The Washington Post, 14 February)

Meanwhile, Iran has announced, and the IAEA inspectors have confirmed, that it has converted parts of its 20-percent enriched uranium stockpile into a metal used in reactors that is not used in production of nuclear weapons.

The Post says a new IAEA report would document Iran’s seemingly contradictory moves, portraying the country as carefully avoiding behavior indicating work on nuclear weapons, and at the same time quietly preparing to increase production at its two uranium-enrichment plants.


Mark Pyruz said...

Nader, you neglected to state that the magnet story is based on a report by none other than David Albright and ISIS, a thoroughly discredited and under-qualified source that has been proven wrong multiple times.

HERE is a good rundown on this latest report.

Nader Uskowi said...

The importance of this story is not Albright, but the fact that the Washington Post carried prominently it on its first page. For those who understand Washington, they understand the importance of Washington Post carrying a story like this.

Anonymous said...

that the fanboy flogs the crap from the Leveretts and ca;;s Albright discredited says quite a bit.

fanboy never mentions that the Leveretts have business interests tied to the Iranian regime

Anonymous said...

washington post,and new york times are propaganda machine for pentagon and u.s government.don't believe all the garbage you read in these to papers.

Unknown said...

@anon 10:43
That's right!
Kayhan, Ettelaat, and Fars news are much better sources of information. Seriously?!!

Anonymous said...

at least they don't want to drop bombs on my beloved country.

Anonymous said...

well ,you didn't post my comment again.same old story.i said at least they don't want drop bombs on my beloved country.

Unknown said...

@anon 11;04
Same old story indeed!
Time for a new laptop perhaps!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:04 PM......Beloved country? If you really love your country do something about the corrupt anti-human anti-Iranian mass murdering cult that has griped and imprisoned the nation.
Not go and support the regime and claim to love the country knowing full well that the ruling cult has turned Iran into one giant human abattoir.