Monday, February 25, 2013

Iranian Airlines Unable to Pay for Jet Fuel

Abdorreza Mousavi, director of Iranian Airlines Association, said today in Tehran that the domestic airliners do not have enough cash to pay for fuel and have been forced to cancel many flights. Mousavi said the state-run National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) has threatened to confiscate airplanes for past due payments. His answer: Come and get them!

“We don’t have cash to pay for fuel. If the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution  Company (the company that provides jet fuel to Iranian airlines) wants to confiscate our planes, let them come and take them. We simply don’t have any money to pay for fuel,” Mousavi said. (Fars News Agency, 25 February)

Mousavi added that due to high fuel costs and the uncertainty in the value of the national currency, the Iranian airliners had to raise ticket prices and are now facing a decrease in demand.

“The currency fluctuations, the rising fuel cost and the (high) ticket prices forced on the airliners have caused a reduction in demand and decrease in passenger load factor,” Mousavi said.

Last November, Iranian airlines raised ticket prices for their domestic flights by 65 percent.

File photo: Iranian airliners (IRNA)


Anonymous said...


This is what happens when you give the country away to a bunch of illiterate donkeys.

And no disrespect to the four legged donkeys :)

Anonymous said...

A Mullah is not a donkey - he is a parasite; he sucks the blood out of its host without performing a useful function in return ...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the NIOC can thank the iranian government for the situation Iran Air is in. Yea, go and get the airplanes for non payment. Where do you plan on parking the planes? At the airport? Ok, no problem, parking fee $45,000 a month per plane. What a joke!!!