Monday, February 25, 2013

Inflation Rate at 30% - CBI

The Governor of Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Mahmoud Bahmani today told reporters in Tehran that the annual inflation rate for the Iranian calendar year 1391 (ending 20 March 2013) will be between 30.6 to 31.5 percent. (IRNA, 25 February)


Mark Pyruz said...

Yes and the price of gasoline has now risen a whopping 50 cents more a gallon here in California due in large part to the latest Iran sanctions. And guess what? It isn't being reported in our media. Oh well, is all ordinary Americans and Iranians can say.

Anonymous said...

You're full of it.
How can you compare the state of Iran's bankrupt economy to the US?
In Iran people have to go and sell their organs so that they can put some bread on their table.
Haven't you any shame or are you just a natural born liar and a state sponsored apologist ?

Nader Uskowi said...

Dear commentators, I invite you to keep the discussion on the topic, here the inflation and the state of Iranian economy. Do you assess CBI’s figures to be accurate? Do you have other numbers? What is the trend for Iranian fiscal year 1392? Etc.

For those of you who like to discuss the state of economy in the US or in California, I know of many good blogs that do exactly that and they are easy to find.

Anonymous said...

please list a couple of good blogs for discussions of Cali fuel prices that might welcome the facile and fallacious folderol featured from the fanboy.