Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Rounds Of Nuclear Negotiations Tomorrow--Iran

By Jabbar Fazeli, MD

Ali Asghar Soltanieh, the Iranian ambassador to the IAEA told the pro-Iran Lebanese channel "the AlAlam" that Iran and the IAEA are to hold another rounds of negotiations in Tehran tomorrow. (1,2)

Related to the nuclear issue, Mr. Hossein Mousavian, a former Iranian nuclear negotiator who currently resides in the United States, was interviews on "hard talk" program of the BBC. The views expressed and arguments made exemplifies the Iranian negotiating tactics and their tendency to focus on the legal details while missing the big political picture. Below is the audio link of the full interview (~25 minutes).

UPDATE 2/14/2013:
Yet again, nothing came of this round of negotiations.

(1) http://www.alalam.ir/news/1444960
(2) http://www.radiofarda.com/content/f8-soltanieh-iran-and-iaea/24798104.html


Anonymous said...

That BCC Stevie dude is a douche, sloganeering galore.

Mark Pyruz said...

The Iranians didn't overly focus on the legal details when they accepted Brazilian and Turkish efforts, and signed the Tehran Declaration in 2010.

Obama had given the green light for the terms, confident the Iranians wouldn't sign. When the Iranians did sign, Obama rejected the deal he green-lighted (The Brazilians made public the letter he sent to prove he green-lighted it) and hurriedly imposed more sanctions.