Thursday, February 21, 2013

Iran to Build Refinery, Supply Gas to Pakistan Iran to Build Refinery, Supply Gas to Pakistan

In Food Barter, Iran to Accept Wheat, Meat, Rice as Payment

Iran has agreed to help build an oil refinery for Pakistan and supply it with natural gas in a barter deal for food, Fars News Agency reported today.
Iran, which has huge reserves of natural gas but exports little, partly due to sanctions, has also agreed to complete Pakistan's part of a long-planned Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline and accept payment in food for gas supplied through it.
The IP will be a 750-km long pipeline across Pakistan and will deliver 21.5 million cubic meters of gas per day. The construction is expected to be completed by December 2014.
“We had very good meetings and we had a lot of bilateral talks especially on Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project and setting up oil refinery at Gwadar with PSO (Pakistan State Oil)," a Pakistani official, Asim Hussain, was quoted by Iran's state news agency IRNA as saying after a meeting with Iranian oil minister Rostam Qasemi.
Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari would sign the memorandum of understanding for the 400,000 barrel per day refinery at Gwadar during a visit to Tehran next week.

File photo: Iran-Pakistan Pipeline under construction on Iranian side (IRNA)


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha ! Give our resources away for Moft !
The kind of policies the Qajars used to have.

Anonymous said...

The regime is like a bloodsucker that is living off the body of Iran.
This regime must die so that Iran can start living again.

Anonymous said...

very nice of the Iranian government. good publicity, which Iran really really needs and it may even come to pass that the pipeline will actually be built. it's not all that likely, but it could happen.

Anonymous said...

Gwader is a port under Chinese control as Pakistan has ceded a large part of Baluchistan to the Chinese and other foreign powers. This refinery if it ever sees the light of day will be used by China. Interestingly, most of Baluchistan is in a state of armed insurgency since the 1970's when the shah dispatched a brigade of Iranian special forces and squadrons of CH-47 Chinooks and AH-1J Cobras to shore up the inept Pakistani military which was on the verge of defeat by the tough Marri/Bugti tribes. Iranian interest in Baluchistan/Sistan is historic and the Paki controlled Baluchistan was ceded by the British imperialists from Iran. All of Baluchistan and Sistan are historic Iranian lands and the local tribes never accepted the artificial state of Pakistan created by the Brits in 1947 to carve-up India and leave it in eternal state of conflict and destabilization, just like Palestine and Cyprus. Divide and rule is the age old imperialist dictum. Baluchistan is the next major energy, natural resources and geo-political flash point.

Anonymous said...

This refinery is a pipedream like IPI. A good analysis on the Baluchuistan situation in Global Research:

Destroying a Nation State: US-Saudi Funded Terrorists Sowing Chaos in Pakistan
Baluchistan, Target of Western geopolitical interests, Terror wave coincides with Gwadar Port handover to China. The Hidden Agenda is the Breakup of Pakistan.

Quetta, the capital of Pakistan’s southwest Baluchistan province, bordering both US-occupied Afghanistan as well as Iran, was the site of a grisly market bombing that has killed over 80 people. According to reports, the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi has claimed responsibility for the attack. Billed as a “Sunni extremist group,” it instead fits the pattern of global terrorism sponsored by the US, Israel, and their Arab partners Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The terrorist Lashkar-e-Jhangvi group was in fact created, according to the BBC, to counter Iran’s Islamic Revolution in the 1980′s, and is still active today. Considering the openly admitted US-Israeli-Saudi plot to use Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups across the Middle East to counter Iran’s influence, it begs the question whether these same interests are funding terrorism in Pakistan to not only counter Iranian-sympathetic Pakistani communities, but to undermine and destabilize Pakistan itself.

The US-Saudi Global Terror Network

While the United States is close allies with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, it is well established that the chief financier of extremist militant groups for the past 3 decades, including Al Qaeda, are in fact Saudi Arabia and Qatar. While Qatari state-owned propaganda like Al Jazeera apply a veneer of progressive pro-democracy to its narratives, Qatar itself is involved in arming, funding, and even providing direct military support for sectarian extremists from northern Mali, to Libya, to Syria and beyond.