Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Recent pics of Kish Mall construction project

Kish Mall appears massive by any applied scale. [Project website can be found HERE] These photos depicting ongoing construction efforts were taken within the past sixty days.

Two cranes working the enormous construction site

Iranian construction workers at work on the project's foundation.
The completed mall will provide parking for 1250 cars.

Rebar grid system detail

Artist's rendering of completed Kish Mall

Artist's rendering of Kish Mall's completed interior 


Anonymous said...

Too bad the regime has destroyed the purchasing power of the ordinary people for nothing; but who cares: you can take all those parasitic Moft-Khor of the regime (like Basiji's and Bache-Mullah's) to spend 'their' money in those Malls ...

B.M.A said...

ANOTHER testimony the regime HAS A HUMAN FACE!![to those name callers]

Anonymous said...

Yes BMA the regime has a human face !!!!

The Shopping center in Kish is more important to the IRGC then these people.


Anonymous said...

The regime may have a "human face" but like countless other oppressive regimes like NAZI Germany,Stalin's Soviet Union,it is a soulless anti human entity which see itself above the people that it claims to represent.
In Iran's case the theocratic state wants the people to be serfs of the regime and demands people should knell to their Allah through the edicts of the veliyats whims.
But in reality the regime should be the servant and answerable to the people without bringing in peoples personal or spiritual beliefs into the arena of public questioning.