Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Iran and P5+1 Begin Negotiations in Almaty

Progress Seen at Almaty Talks

UPDATE 4: Journalists in Almaty report that in a meeting between Iran’s chief negotiator Saeed Jalili and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, agreement on the date and venue of a technical meeting in near future to consider P5+1 latest proposal has been reached. It seems the meeting on Wednesday would be a short one to announce the agreement.

UPDATE 3: EU’s spokesman Michael Mann characterized the talks as "useful."

UPDATE 2: Al Monitor’s Laura Rozen tweets from Almaty that an Iranian diplomat at the talks acknowledges new P5+1 proposal is more responsive to Iranian concerns. Still some meetings are happening between delegations and the fact that no party is rushing to spin to the press is seen as a pretty good sign. A Western official: “We had a useful meeting today, discussions took place this evening, we are meeting again tomorrow.” (@lrozen)  

UPDATE: The plenary talks are not expected to resume until Wednesday. The Iranian delegation received the P5+1 offer in the closed-door meeting today and is expected to discuss it with Tehran before proposing a counter-offer tomorrow.For a discussion of Iran and P5+1 positions, please see my post: Iran-World Power Talks in Almaty.

For a discussion of Iran and P5+1 positions, please see my post: Iran-World Power Talks in Almaty.


The first plenary session of the Almaty talks ended today after two and a half hours. The negotiations - which follow inconclusive meetings last year in Istanbul, Baghdad and Moscow - were expected to run through Wednesday.

Reuters reported that Iran and the West were prepared to make limited offers to keep the talks moving, without any expectations of reaching an agreement to end the decade-old conflict now.

“It is clear that nobody expects to come from Almaty with a fully done deal,” said Michel Mann, the spokesman for Catherine Ashton, the EU’s foreign policy chief and chairwoman of the P5+1.

Photo credit: Iran and P5+1 delegations during talks on Iran’s nuclear program. Almaty, 26 February 2013. (Reuters/Stanislov Fillipov/Pool)


Anonymous said...

One can get proper opinions on the "nuclear enrichment's negotiations", without reading this blog, by analyzing articles posted on the Mehr News and Fars News Agency's websites.

For instance the article "P5+1 should recognize Iran's right for enrichment: National Interest..." publised by the Mehr News' website on 2/26/2013, explains probabilities (not Zionist's speculations) to anybody without knowledge of the Iranian matters.

My presence on the Uskowi's blog is not to be "a student" and to learn his and his proxies' hipocrysies and distortions, but to evaluate methods of certain operations utilized by the western propagandas and other agencies..


Anonymous said...

Iran is now a defacto nuclear power and the opinion piece by ex-British foreign secretary Jack Straw sums up the "western position" quite adequately. The so-called west is now resigned to accept Iran as a nuclear player just like DPRK. Most of the grown-ups around the world have known that US/Zionists hollow threats would eventually collapse. Russia, China and most of the Zionist free world is simply not buying US crap and lies anymore.

Even if Iran gets the Bomb, it won’t be worth going to war
Containment is a better response than conflict in dealing with a country we have long mishandled


Anonymous said...

Jack Straw, somewhere in the past called that Iran will not be allowed even two centrifuges...


I inform those interested that after 7 PM, I have posted my other comments and as usually it was not posted (yet) by the censors-authors, but I see that Anon's comments at 10:15 PM have already been posted.

It proves my claim of manipulations by agents of this blog...

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the intentional commission or omission of your comments. I personally believe that censorship reeks of hypocrisy and lack of moral fortitude to face facts or accept diverse opinions. Unless there were personal insults or crass profanities involved, which I doubt, then there is no valid reason for any dictatorial censorship. A-F, I for one find your comments very interesting as they add diversity and reality to this blog. The whole idea behind this blog was to foment a discussion on Iran, no matter how unpalatable the TRUTH. Hopefully, Mr.Uskowi et.al will look into your travails.

Kind regards

Anonymous said...

There is an interesting article in the CSM about a Nixon like opening to Iran and whether Obama should go to Tehran or not. It is good to see the less-Zionist media in the US debate rational points. US is now in a total quandary, its Zionist inspired policies in the region are falling apart. A new German intelligence report shows that Syrian President Assad is getting stronger and the getting increased Russian, Chinese and global support. The Salafi/Wahabbi freaks are now moving on to Mali and West Africa for Jihad after getting whupped by the brave Syrian military, Hezbollah and Sepah and the blowback against the French is just beginning.

It may also be helpful to check the desperation amongst the Debka gossiping ladies on Syria. An opening to Iran by Obama would seal his failing Presidential legacy as the US economy will never recover and EU is falling apart. A rational gesture towards Iran may save Obama's sinking fortunes at home and abroad.

Just as Nixon went to China, should Obama go to Iran?

World powers, and the US in particular, need a game-changer to move Iran to a cooperative stance concerning its nuclear program, a few analysts argue. Such an Obama overture to Iran is a provocative idea, they say, but the alternative may be military confrontation.


Nader Uskowi said...

You’ve been posting comments on this blog for a long time and always complain about censorship! Here you posted a comment at 7:49 PM that was published (the very first comment), and at 11:15 PM you complain that your comment was censored. You probably have a problem with you computer. If not, then the question is, Are you OK?

Anon 1:58 AM,
A-F 7:49 pm was published, please see above (the very first comment). And you call A-F’s baseless attack on this blog “dictatorial censorship.” Shameful!

Nader Uskowi said...

You presence on this blog has always been welcomed. However, you are misusing your welcome; case in point is your shameful attack on this blog in your comments here. For someone who posts comments under an assumed name, I guess it’s easy to launch these types of slanderous comments. You are welcome to continue reading and commenting on this blog, but you are not welcome to use such attacks. You can go and learn whatever it is you want to learn elsewhere.

Nader Uskowi said...

They are many ways the two countries can normalize their relations, a visit to Tehran by Obama, or a visit to Washington by Khamenei, is not the only way available. The reality is that the presence of the current national security team in Washington, led by Obama, Kerry and Hagel, provides by far the best chance ever to resolve the disputes and normalize the relations. I hope both governmnets seize the moment, the upbeat mood at Almaty, and move on toward resolving issues that have kept them apart for more than three decades. And let’s hope the Iranians do not misread addition of Kerry and Hagel to the national security team and overplay their hand.

Anonymous said...

Nader we agree on this. Hopefully the head mullahs will understand the new US dynamics and Kerry and Hagel are probably the most "objective" on Iran and less subservient to the Zionist lobby. The mullahs due to their ignorance have blown a lot of good opportunities before and perhaps Salehi is more informed than the idiot Ahmadinejad who merely antagonized everyone for 8 long years. Interestingly, the US puppet Zardari is in Tehran begging for money and Pakistan by itself can't even breathe without US permission, so there is more going on than meets the eye. Let's hope Iran and US can make some progress as both need to address issues at home.

Anonymous said...

When I was posting my second comment at 11:15PM my first 7:49PM comment was not posted but at the same time the 10:15PM anon's post was seen.

When I was posting my first 7:49PM comment there was not present the 10:15PM comment (under the article), but that 10:15 pm anon's comment emerged during my second comment, where my first 7:49PM comment was still absend...


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