Thursday, February 28, 2013

New pics of recently opened Persian Gulf Complex in Shiraz

Recently constructed Persian Gulf tourism center and hotel complex in Shiraz, at night

Lighting detail for restaurants opened within the complex

Daytime frontage pic of the Persian Gulf Complex.

Below: Pics taken this week of interior construction of the amusement center/arcade being installed inside the complex.

Photos: Amin Aleshams at


Anonymous said...

While 5 farmers have been killed in Isfahan, Pyruz tries to give us a false image of Iran's economy.

Anonymous said...

There were demonstrations against re routing water to Yazd from Varzaneh , a city in Bon Rud District, in Isfahan Province. The protest has been going on for past 3 years against the authority. The Water pumping station was badly damaged in yesterdays demonstration. There has not been any credible report on casualties though. If I am wrong please correct and give a source.

That said, All news and information about Iran cannot and should not be negative, there are many positive developments. "Iran" is not a black and white issue, there are always shades of grey.

Anonymous said...

How did you get access to the internet again? Did the nurses give you the meds? Anyway, looks like the Lincoln Center. Shiraz is a grand old city and this is very good for the local arts, culture and entertainment scene. Any development is greatly appreciated. Thanks to Mark for relentless pursuit of positive developments. Iran Payendebad.

Anonymous said... ...... Dissent turns violent.

Anonymous said...

Is this where the "new hostages" will be held???