Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Great Prophet 8 Maneuvers (2)

Target drone prepared for AAA practice

Target drone launch from light truck

Target drone retrieval

IRGC T-72 and BMP variant armored fighting vehicles

BMP AAA variant firing exposed 2A14 23 mm autocannon

Prepared subterranean cover for AFVs

An IRGC T-72 at the opening of prepared subterranean cover

IRGC-AF Bell AH-1J International Cobras in action

"Fire For Effect"


Mahdi Marizad at FARS News Agency
Majid Asgaripour at MEHR News Agency


Anonymous said...

Overall the exercises show Iran's ability to conduct adequate combined arms operations and battlefield camouflage and concealment tactics. The ERA plates on armor are good as well. However, the exposed 23mm gunners on the traversing twin cannons on the BMP's are vulnerable to even small arms fire. They need armored or reinforced glass cupolas to protect the gunners as well as close infantry support. ERA plates on the lower hull may also help. I also hope there are enough MANPADS for dismounted infantry and crews to tackle modern attack helicopters like Apaches who can strike over 5 kilometers. Small unit helicopter killer teams ahead of AFV's is a must for survival. Iranian military has learnt some serious lessons from the Jange Tahmili experiences.

To fight against superior firepower, the Artesh will have to operate in highly mobile small units with a generous distribution of MANPADS (mobile SAM), AT missiles, heavy calibre sniper teams and rely on the excellent Iranian terrain for asymmetrical warfare.

The 2020 and beyond Iranian military doctrine review addressed some of these concerns by creating several thousand small units and weapons depots spread over the massive Iranian plateau and mountainous terrain. Iran has used massive tunneling and underground engineering for its conventional and NBC defence. Even the combined might of NATO can not get through the mountain passes of the Zagros and Alborz chains. Even a small disciplined, determined and motivated mobile brigade broken up into platoon sized hunter killer teams using adequate camouflage can cripple a far superior force. The Basij under Sepah officers will operate independently on regional basis while the Artesh tackles the enemy on tactical battleground with the aim of inflicting as much losses and drawing them in for a long war of attrition on the Iranian topography which a defenders dream.

The Hezbollah defence North of Litani in 2006 with a sprinkling of Kornets, Saggers and RPGs destroyed or crippled around 20% of Zionist armor and their dismounted infantry was too scared for high casualty urban fighting in built up villages honeycombed with reinforced tunnels. That was a classic in how to make your enemy cry uncle. Hezbollah tactics are now taught in all major military schools and academies as "how to" tactics. The South Lebanon theater of operations against the Zionists was merely confined to 2000 square kilometers, Iran's land mass is over 1.64 million square kilometers with 82 million very nationalistic people and majority of Iranian plateau is mountains and hills. Just North of Dezful the major natural obstacles start, as crazy Saddam found to his regret. The same topography is in North Western and Eastern historic invasion routes. After the southern plains, the deserts the high ground starts.

Iran is well poised to inflict severe losses on any potential aggressor if they ever made a suicidal error.

Anonymous said...

Keep your pants on. Don't get over excited about 1970- 1980 era copies of Soviet Junk. Nobody is going to "invade" Iran. They just bomb them back to the middle ages if necessary and there is not a damn thing they can do about it with their 40 year old F4 - F5's a few remaining 35 year old F 14's and "uppgraded" copies of their 1970 - era SAM's

mat said...
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mat said...

IRAN is a new regional superpower which illustrates the nation as the most powerful, militarily, in the whole region of the Middle East as which has been fully described, stated and written, with years of experience, by the former U.S. CIA Middle East Specialist Agent, Robert Baer, in his latest book called 'The Devil We Know: Dealing with the new iranian superpower'.

Adam Lowther, an American defense analyst and a member of the faculty at the US Air Force's Air University explained that Iran is not like Grenada, Panama, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Serbia, Afghanistan or Iraq that the US invaded, adding that in all of these examples, the US military defeated an adversary incapable of competing with the U.S.

He also noted that the Iranian military is far more competent and capable and after watching the war in Iraq for a decade has a good understanding of US tactics and strategy.

Note: On my opinion, those are the reasons why IRAN could still survive from those world's most blood thirsty's gangs of warmongers and aggressors until what IRAN is today. This statement is one of those Adam Lowther's seven reasons not to bomb IRAN.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:16.....You seem to have rattled mats cage.
He never responds in such a long winded manner as he has done below.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 10:25 Thank you and thanks for the msg.
I am not trying to change these hard die (Mat) (Forget about BMA he doesn't know the first thing about military weapons / tactics ) fanatics minds as it is futile.
If they had even the very basic knowledge about US / NATO capabilities, they would not post such rubbish propaganda on this site. Mark is knowledgeable and keeps quite when confronted with these facts as he knows he can not credibly defend the power of the "Mighty Iranian Military".
The funny thing about people like Mat /BMA / AF on commenting on this site is that they think the IRGC commanders know everything about assym. warfare, they have all these new , shiny missiles, speed boats , etc.. that they have developed these years, but the Americans have not been watching their every move, have not come up with any counter measures against these outdated weapon systems or their tactics, that they have not learned anything from their experiences in Iraq or Afghanistan, they will leave their fleet in the Persian Gulf completely exposed to these missiles and have no counter measure of any kind and they will let their Air craft carriers to be sunk by a dozen IRGC speed boats.
(I have in the past posted links about how the Americans are developing Laser weapons against these speed boats)
They think the Americans have not improved on their Anti missile system since the first Gulf war, (The Patriot missile are useless against copies of 1950 -1960 Technology) The Ageis missile system can not shoot down the copies of Chinese "Silk worm" missiles, etc....
I can go on on....
The best they can do when you point out the weaknesses of the Iranian military is to accuse you of wanting the US to attack Iran, being a Monarchist / MKO agent or repeat their crap mantra about the agents of Zionism while refusing to accept the realities of modern warfare.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:18.....I know what you mean about the Monarchist/MKO/Zionist agent part.The question is what agency are they working for?
They are full of dog crap !