Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Iran Says Agreement on ‘Some Points’ Reached with IAEA

Iran said it had agreed on "some points" in talks with the UN nuclear watchdog yesterday and that the two sides would meet again.

“Some differences were resolved and agreement on some issues in the modality was reached,” said Ali Asghar Soltanieh, Iran’s envoy to the IAEA. (IRNA, 13 February)

Soltanieh did not elaborate what differences were resolved. But the language suggests that the two sides were not able to strike any important deal during their meeting in Tehran today, and instead decided to meet again in future to dicuss the remaining differences. The main issue under negotiation was IAEA’s insistence to have access to Parchin military base outside Tehran. The agency believes Iran has conducted nuclear weapon research at the site.


tubtuilayka said...

I say, Iran needs to go public and open with all their discussions with IEAE. That way, the ordinary people will know who is right and who is bullying the oither. Iran should not depend on the media to reflect exactly what is going on.
What were the talks about? What are the IAEA's demands and what Iran's response etc, are very important to be made public.
Iran should realise that only the ordinary persons are her support and that the entire international establishment is biased when it comes to Iran.....including China and Russia who are thinking more of their interests than the international justice.

tubtuilayka said...

Anonymous one is a filthy hired Zio. No Iranian harbours a desire to destroy a country that did not attack her first.