Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New pics of current infrastructure construction in Tehran

Bakeri Expressway Project

Multi-level, multi-stack interchange being constructed for Bakeri Expressway

Overhead view of this section of the Bakeri Expressway's construction

Project management touring the Bakeri Expressway construction site

Imam Ali Expressway Project

Very wide, depressed cutaway for this section of the Imam Ali Expressway

Construction vehicles tending prefab siding sections

Amirkabir Square Interchange (Azadegan, western Tehran)

Another Tehran overpass, this one in final stages of construction

Side view of nearly completed Amirkabir Square Interchange

Overhead view depicting the nearly completed interchange

Niayesh Tunnel (completed)

New photo of the recently completed Niayesh Tunnel in Tehran

High standard of finish visible for the completed tunnel project

Niayesh Tunnel photos:

Uskowi on Iran construction links: 

Current construction projects in Tehran

Current construction projects in Shiraz

Current construction projects in Mashad

Current construction projects in Tabriz

Public Housing projects in the Islamic Republic of Iran


B.M.A said...

ONE among the many reasons why the masses are with their leaders-!

Anonymous said...

Is that why the IRI has thousands of armed basij and plain clothes security forces in major cities throughout Iran because of its popularity with the masses?
You better stop what ever you're taking mate.

Anonymous said...

less than 2 weeks ago, the Tehran Times ran a story about an Iranian musical group raising money for the victims of last August's earthquake in East Azarbaijan Province.

has Pyruz pictures of all the government construction in that area to provide new homes for those people ...or are they still living in unheated tents as they were in early December?

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased you mentioned that.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear it.

I would be more glad to read that those people have decent places to live, but news is scarce.

Anonymous said...

No the IRGC goons are busy filling their pockets with these Moffia run projects.

Anonymous said...

I just passed through Niyayesh tunnel ,its amazing how 10 Km was done in only 20 months .
The Old dusty Tehran is long gone its a clean and beautiful city now !
the pace of rapid development is mind bugling every where !every City is filled with new projects !
It is always a good Idea for Iranian Diaspora to travel to Iran for themselves and connect with the reality !
maybe they can travel to Azerbaijan and help with the reconstruction efforts being carried out by the government!
instead of bothering others with their pointless " comments " above ,get a grasp of reality and do something useful if you are so worried about your compatriots in Azarbaijan !!listen to SOGAND she is talking to you :

by the way we would welcome your help in the reconstruction efforts you can join the relief efforts and know about the latest development here:

Or if you are in Tehran join the volunteer relief corps @ Davam corps in your district community Hall !

B.M.A said...

anon 4:19

And may be,they WILL INDEED deny other citizens from using these highways and instead TURN them as racing lanes for their Porsche s RIGHT?

Anonymous said...

It would be desirable to see the photos of subways in Iranian cities and compare graffitis on the subways' walls and Iranian trains with those in the US...


Anonymous said...

They are angry, because despite of their 34 old barkings, things in Iran advance faster, than what they assumed in their illwishes...and in the opposite direction to those their illwishes...

Looks like they have missed their trains..


Anonymous said...

might not be a fair comparison given that 1/5 or Iranians are illiterate.