Thursday, February 21, 2013

Current construction projects in Tabriz, Iran

Like other urban centers in the Islamic Republic of Iran but in certain ways more so, Tabriz is currently a beehive of construction activity. All of these photos were taken within the past six months, many in 2013. For those insistent in their belief that Iran's economy is on the brink of collapse, such photographic evidence renders such as further examples of "analysis by means of wishful thinking."

View of recently built residential developments in Tabriz

Sina Building, under construction

Karamouzan Complex, under construction

Karamouzan Complex, artist's rendering

Goleh Narges Towers, final stages of construction

Public Transportation Shelters, recent upgrades

Tehran-Tabriz highway, latest junctions

Above: Nasr Town residential complex, under stages of construction

Banke Shahr, recent construction

Left: Valman Commercial Center, under construction
Right: Valman Commercial Center,  artist's internal rendering

Left: Nezam Pezeshki Towers, under construction
Right: Nezam Pezeshki Towers, artist's rendering

Vali Asr Towers, under construction

Tabriz public prayer hall, recent build

NAJA public hospital, under construction

Vila Boulevard upgrades

Tower on Takhti Street, recent build

Ghaem Triplet Towers, various stages of construction

Elahiyeh Tower (23 flrs), under construction

Left: Gas station / rest stop under construction
Right: Gas station, under construction

Left: Tabriz Electrical Utility Headquarters, under construction
Right: Tabriz Electrical Utility Headquarters, artist's rendering

Golgasht commercial/office complex, under construction

Setareh commercial complex, final stages of construction

Vali Asr Park, under construction

Left: Pardisan Tower (WTC), under construction
Right: Pardisan Tower (WTC), artist's rendering

Left: Laleh Hotel, under construction
Right: Laleh Hotel, artist's rendering

Laleh Hotel, newly opened Hyperstar supermarket

Above: scenes inside the Hyperstar supermarket. Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett have returned from Iran a number of times (most recently in December '12), reporting that stores and shops in the country are fully stocked, with significant customer traffic. Here is the photographic evidence to prove it.

Above: Scenes inside the newly constructed Laleh Hotel. Note the fully stocked shops carrying household items

Saderat Bank Tower (Sepehr Tower), under construction

Left: Roshdiye 2 Town, under construction
Right: Roshdiye 2 Town, artist's rendering

Below: Relatively recent construction builds in and about the city of Tabriz:


Anonymous said...

Great job as usual Mark. Iranians should be proud of this amazing progress despite sanctions. The economic progress is now quite evenly distributed and not confined to Tehran alone. It also shows the industrious nature of Iranians.

B.M.A said...

Good WORK MARK!.you are hammering home your argument with factual evidence!!-its awesome!!.

B.M.A said...


Now because you have not visited the country but depend on 'informed confidants' as your source of news of the IRANIAN Nation,-so here is what your confidants did not want you to know about the country!.

@now will you run something to counter this as another 'bunch of lies from Mark'?

@you have a difficult time in convincing your readers how a gangster can build the environment for such development projects to flourish in the country!.

Anonymous said...

Marvelous! I take pride in being Iranian.

Anonymous said...

@B.M.A.....Have you ever visited the country?

Or has that Fanboy who posted this rosy picture ever visited the country?

No one needs to convince us that the Islamic rapist theocracy is an demonic gangster regime that needs to be eliminated by the people.

And no one needs to dictate to us least of all a little toerag Islamist that he knows the country better than its own citizens.

Anonymous said...

Really? If that's the case go and ask one of your bosses,mullah Taeb,why he rather forsake Khuzestan for Syria?

Yossarian said...

Any word if Tabriz will being getting a metro/subway system anytime soon?

Anonymous said...

Why post such frivolous nonsense that repeats a rather insane line. What does Khuzestan have to do with Syria? Are you a complete dolt? Obviously a resounding YES!

Anonymous said...

What has Khuzestan got to do with Syria? If you have any "pride in being Iranian" go and ask your boss mullah Taeb that ignorant question. Obviously you haven't a clue what your bosses are planing against Iran.I'm not surprised because mullahs have been relaying on cretins and automatons since they occupied Iran.

Anonymous said...

Double your medication and also do some breathing exercises and yoga and quit reading debka or you will end up like Nothing Yahoo eating $2000 worth of US deadbeat taxpayer ice-cream or even worse, more like Sharon, totally braindead.