Monday, February 11, 2013

Iran's moderating of inflation & The potential of a diplomatic opening with the U.S.

Djavad Salehi-Isfahani's perspective on Iran's efforts at stabilizing its economy 
Flynt Leverett explains Iran's response to a U.S. offer of 'talks'

Over at the Tyranny of numbers blog, Professor of Economics at Virginia Tech University Professor Djavad Salehi-Isfahani explains the efforts Iran has made in dealing with the economic war being directed at it by the U.S. and its Western allies, the recent oil price collapse and subsidy reform.

Professor Salehi-Isfahani notes that inflation has been moderating, as the Iranians have found a way to keep the growth of money supply below the rate of inflation. Previously, he had demonstrated how, contrary to numerous MSM reports, Iran is not experiencing a condition of hyperinflation.

The entire perspective is well worth the read, HERE.

Also of interest, over at the Going to Tehran blog, Associate Professor Flynt Leverett points to the fact that contrary to numerous MSM accounts, Khamenei did not summarily reject talks with the United States, but instead "Iran’s insistence that the U.S. not 'point a gun' at it is a diplomatic opening not a rejection. The Leverett's previous analysis of such proved reliable when subsequently Khamenei, Ahmadinejad and Salehi gave public comments to this end. HERE is the full english translation of Khamenei's spech which was previously referred to in Uskowi on Iran.


Anonymous said...

Get it out of your head that this regime is not going to have normalized relations with the US.
Iran will have normal relations with the Western world once this primitive regime is overthrown.

Anonymous said...

Contrary to the daily wishful thinking on these pathetic foreign blogs, Iran is doing quite well and has nothing to gain from "relationship" with a decaying deadbeat US while power has shifted to Asia, and hence the resilience of the "sanctioned" Iranian economy. The Islamic Republic also has massive public support as displayed by the large public turnout on the Great Islamic Revolution's 34 anniversary. Even a recent series of articles in the Jew York Times acknowledged a grudging admiration for the toughness of Iranians and their ability to circumvent any challenge. It is time high time these one dimensional anti-Iran blogs that are so out of tune, get a whiff of reality and start posting more factual "news" about Iran. They are only doing a disservice to themselves as Baghdad Bob did for Iraq. Let's get over the fact that the government and economy in Iran are doing well. Iran Payendebad.

Anonymous said...

Stew in your own pathetic nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Why fanboy, you're absolutely correct. Khamenei didn't at all reject the American offer of negotiations!

All he really said was that Iran refuses to join them any time soon.

He did leave open the possibility that if the US convinces him at some time that it has no conflicts or complaints with Iran and if it dismantles all the sanctions that the conflicts and complaints have served to bring about, then Khamenei will re-consider and grant the US an audience with his designees.

You're like a real genius and really, really, really an honest guy and not at all a fanboy apologist bullspin artist.