Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Construction projects abound in modern-day Mashad

Mashad is currently experiencing a construction boom, with a number of projects recently completed or under construction. A popular destination for domestic tourism, the city is undergoing an urban transformation. For those among the Iranian diaspora that haven't seen what was decades ago little more than a holy site, the following pictorial should come as a real eye-opener.

Numerous construction cranes are evident amid the city landscape

Mashad as it appears today

Above: The newly opened Mashad cable bridge

The Majd Project, under construction

The Mashad Complex Series, under construction

Golshan Tower, under construction

Shandiz Holiday and Recreation Center, under construction

Left: Alban Tower, under construction
Right: Artists's rendering of completed Alban Tower

Moein Hotel, under final stages of contruction

Khorasan Office Building, recently completed

Darvishi Hotel Complex, recently completed

Danesh Residential Project, under construction

Kouhsangi Building and Park Project, under construction

Golden Palace International Hotel, recently completed

Mashad City Square Shams Complex, under construction

Mashad as seen in the evening


Anonymous said...

Where are all the folks (including proxies and puppets of this blog), who see the Islamic Republic's system as a backward one to those in other developing countries.

What has been done so far, under the cruel and an unimaginable aggressions of the West manipulated by the Zionists, deserves to be characterized as an exeptional achievments of the Iranian nation...


Anonymous said...

Mark's laughable bullshift propaganda is pretty funny.

the Pyruz is hitting the fan in Iran and the economy is slowly melting.

the Iranian industrial sector is melting and they no longer use as much electric power because they aren't producing as much.


Iran is trying to sell the excess electricity.

Anonymous said...

Islamic system is a backward one A-F.
If you don't call stoning women in sacks while buried waist deep into the ground backward.
If you don't call hanging citizens by the dozen on a daily bases on mobile cranes backward.
If you don't call chopping of hands and gouging of eyes backward.
If you don't call allowing to marry nine year old girls backward.
Then it takes a backward person to believe that the system is not backward.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry no one believes in Mark's bullshift propaganda,LOL!

Anonymous said...

Here we go again Mark trying to convince the unconvinced that Iran is "progressing" when we know better that Iran has become a mullah ridden flea trap with dangling bodies from mobile cranes and chopping of hands and gouging of eyes.
Poor fellow needs to get a life.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really impressed - do this pictures depicts some sort of technology achievements? Seems like a joke to me.

Anonymous said...

Lot of shit throwing on Mark Puryz in these past couple of posts... that's real classy of you folks. Goes to show your true mettle. I guess posts like this and other ones that are similar to this bring out the vermin out of the woodwork.

Anonymous said...

Mark made a mistake in calling them "expatriate class". Some of them really do earn a new title - "No class whatsoever"! :)

Anonymous said...

Its very hard to make someone understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it !have some ZERESHK be our guest maybe you understand sower taste

Anonymous said...

I see you are copying what I usually say.That shows it is effecting you very well.So have some more ZERESHK juice but this time make sure you sip it slower.

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't know the meaning of class if it came crashing on your Akhoondzadeh head!

Anonymous said...

Yes I think you know what "shit" throwing is all about since you support a sub-shitty fascist theocracy.

Anonymous said...

Every building i were seeing in the pictures above are beautiful....beautiful projects...and by the way...bache akhunds are so stupid they can not build it...so it must be normal iranians who work on this projects...so there must be some work in iran...and what the hell is Mark's mistake to shot some pictures of the developement of mashad and post them...YOU PPL are same like akhunds. everything what they see from the west they say: sheytan....you are the same but you say: charlatan....different? no different...so you would be the next akhunds if you were in charge of power...think about it...

Unknown said...

great post mark, very interesting, by the way ignore the bullshit haters, haters are going to hate after all.

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't have a picture of Homa it is an pre-Islamic icon of Iran.
Use Kabbeh instead that is more fitting for the likes of you.

Anonymous said...

Good realistic post by Mark as usual. Ladies and gentlemen please try to be objective and debate the good points about the resilient Iranian economy without the usual childish rancor by some. There is no doubt that Iranian domestic and international civil engineering and construction sector is a great success and a major contributor to the GDP. A recent Economist Intelligence estimate (no friend of Iran) according to their 2010 report, Iran has been ranked 39th for producing $23 billion of industrial products in 2008. From 2008 to 2009 Iran has leaped to 28th place from 69th place in annual industrial production growth rate. A recent report by the World Fact Book ranks Iran 3rd among “emerging industrial powers” in the world after China and India in terms of its industrial growth. According to the report, Iran’s industrial sector grew by 4% in the year 2009. Iran was ranked 13th among emerging economies in 2006. Overall, Iran is ranked 31st in the world in terms of its industrial production growth rate.The government of Iran has plans for the establishment of 50-60 industrial parks by the end of the fifth Five-Year Socioeconomic Development Plan by 2015. Iranian contractors have been awarded several foreign tender contracts in different fields of construction of dams, bridges, roads, buildings, railroads, power generation, and gas, oil and petrochemical industries. As of 2011, some 66 Iranian industrial companies are carrying out projects in 27 countries. The availability of local raw materials, rich mineral reserves, experienced man power have all collectively played crucial role in wining the international bids.

If anyone has traveled recently to South America, particularly Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador etc, you may be surprised to find Iranian construction companies thriving with a good reputation for delivering projects on time and of high quality. Iranian firms are also working in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Armenia, Afghanistan and various parts of Africa as well. In 2012, it was conservatively estimated that the civil construction sector added around $30 billion to Iranian GDP as well as over $6 billion in professional services sector exports.

In recent years, the construction industry of Iran has been thriving due to an increase in national and international investment to the extent that it is now the largest in the Middle East region. The Central Bank of Iran indicate that 70 percent of the Iranians own homes, with huge amounts of idle money entering the housing market. The annual turnover in the construction industry amounts to US$38.4 billion. The real estate sector contributed to 5% of GDP in 2008. Statistics from March 2004 to March 2005 put the number of total Iranian households at 15.1 million and the total number of dwelling units at 13.5 million, signifying a demand for at least 5.1 million dwelling units. Every year there is a need for 750,000 additional units as young couples embark on married life.At present, 2000 units are being built every day although this needs to increase to 2740 units. In addition, Iran’s geographical position over a seismic belt necessitates the reinforcement and renovation of housing. This is possible only through a boom in real-estate development and foreign investment.


Anonymous said...

You must be one of those cappuccino drinking lovelies that support the regime from afar.

Nader Uskowi said...


I've noticed your close attention to real estate and construction development in Iran and your belief in their importance. You should visit Abu Dhabi and Doha to see the current construction boom in those cities, you'll be impressed.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Uskowi it is not wise comparing apples to oranges. The UAE is an artificial British imperialist creation like Kuwait and Singapore and is controlled by the Brits and other western nations who invest there and support the construction and infrastructure. Iran is under relentless US/Zionist assault and total sanctions since 1979 and this progress is remarkable indeed. I have spent substantial time in artificial glass caverns of Dubai and am not too impressed. The Arabs import South Asian (Indian, Paki, Bangladeshi, Filipino etc) labour and US/European architects and engineers and have built the pearl diving villages into gaudy glass towers. Iranian accomplishments are our own national creation and hard efforts. I am disappointed at your comparison.

Nader Uskowi said...

You shouldn’t be disappointed. Real estate development and building constructions are what they are, no matter where they are undertaken. If you believe the construction boom in Mashad is the sign of economic boom in Iran, then you should visit Doha and Abu Dhabi to see what the real economic boom is. This is not comparing oranges and apples. However, if you believe that construction boom in the third world could actually be a sign of economic mismanagement, then that’s true for Iran as well as for Qatar and UAE. We cannot base our standards on our political ideologies!

Anonymous said...

Mr Uskowi: I visited Dubai some years ago. What I saw is a big mall not a country with real people. Also most those building are empty! I will assure you a big collapse of Dubai economy in the near future. Also Iran is under sanctions and even managing to live a normal life is admirable.
BTW, have you ever visited Iran or Mashhad recently (in the last few years) to judge the state of constructions there?

Nader Uskowi said...

Yes, I have.

B.M.A said...

Uskowi! -, if there is a construction boom in IRAN just as can be seen in QATAR and DUBAI,then can't that be looked positively on the side of IRAN that they are able to neutralize the sanctions and come up with development projects as evidenced in the building industry?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:48......."What I saw is a big mall not a country with real people."

With comments like yours it is very comforting to know the regime has supporters like you.

B.M.A said...

anon 7:16-GOOD article sir! thanks for your informed piece !.