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Military Reading List

Iranian Military Capability 2011

Strait of Hormuz: Assessing Threats to Energy Security of the Persian Gulf

Iran's Naval Forces: From Guerrilla Warfare to a Modern Naval Strategy

The Institute for National Security Studies- Iran

Ideological-Political Training of Iran's Basij

US Naval Intelligence Report: Iran's Naval Forces

RAND: The Rise of the Pasdaran

Iran's Nuclear & Missile Potential

Saff No. 362 (Persian)

Saff No. 363 (Persian)

Sarbaz 176 (Persian)

Iran's Asymmetric Naval Warfare

Iran's Asymmetric Doctrine of Naval Warfare

IRIAF: Struggling to Maintain Readiness

Gulf Military Forces in Asymmetric War- Iran

Obsolete Weapons, Unconventional Tactics & Martyrdom Zeal

Immortal: A Military History of Iran

Iran-Iraq War: Politics of Aggression

Iranian Perspectives on Iran-Iraq War

The Longest War

Religion and War in Revolutionary Iran

UN and the Iran-Iraq War

The Persian Gulf War

The Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988

Iranian F-4 Phantom II Units in Combat

Iranian F-14 Tomcat Units in Combat

Iran-Iraq War in the Air 1980-1988

Iranian Air-to-Air Victories 1976-1981

Iranian Air-to-Air Victories 1982-Date

Iran Aircraft Ejection & Losses Listing

Target: Saddam's Reactor

Sword of Persia: Nader Shah

Sassanian Persian Military

Parthians & Sassanid Persians

Roman Frontier & Persian Wars

The Persian Army 560-330 BC

The Greek & Persian Wars 499-386 BC

The Greek & Persian Wars 500-323 BC

Shaddows in the Desert

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Sic Semper Tyrannis

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Ejection History- Iran

Scramble on the Web- Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force


Military ribbons- page 1 (pdf)

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Medals and Decorations of the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces

Uniform Insignia- Iran


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Gary Sick on Iran and Middle East

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Hevallo. Turkey and The Kurdish Question


Iran in the Gulf

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Steve LeVine - The Oil and the Glory

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The Middle East News from Washington

The Oil and the Glory

The POMED Wire

The Roberts Report on Central Asia and Kazakhstan

Turan and Iran

Wikileaks: Iran

Cable Viewer on Iran

Ahmadinejad Favored Nuke Compromise - WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks Documents Create Concerns Inside Iran

Other Takes on the WikiLeaks Cable Docs as They Relate to Iran

Iran Missile Program: US-Russian Assessments

Saudi King Abdullah Urged US to Attack Iran

Iran Has Purchased Advanced Missiles from N. Korea

WikiLeaks Releases Planned in Advance - Iran

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Iran and Britain

Iran and the West: The Man Who Changed The World

Iran and the West: The Pariah State

Iran and the West: Nuclear Confrontation

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