Monday, February 25, 2013

Latest photos of Saadi Tunnel construction in Shiraz

Komatsu PC200 Hydraulic Excavator at work

Rollers involved in paving operation

Excavation/loading operation

Erection of frame for decorative entrance

Artist's rendering of completed tunnel



Anonymous said...

WOW - a tunnel ...

Anonymous said...

I think the regime is digging a far longer and deeper tunnel for themselves to be buried in.

Unknown said...


I'm not sure this will add to this indepth picturial, but please note that this particular tunnel project was and is plagued with budget overruns and missed completion deadlines.

It is part of the multibillion dollar constructin contracts given to Khatam-Al-Anbia division of the IRGC in no bid contracts.

Here is a link to an interview with the Mayor of Shiraz from May of 2011 in which he prmisses that project will be completed by the end of 2011:

Your many reports on the Islamic Republic erections without context or background can be missleading, as this particular case proves.

Anonymous said...

So Mark prepared those photolets that the "MD" can make comments that they missed completion of deadlines and resulted in budget overruns (and stolen funds by...?), as ths particular case PROVES...???


Anonymous said...

What IRGC company is building it?
How about these people? There ar no poor people in Iran according to Ahmaghi nejad !

B.M.A said...

JF are you saying the pictures are fake and nothing is happening, or do you contend the projects are going on but you have a problem with the bidding? ---- YOU KNOW SOMETIMES it is very very hard satisfy someone with a fixed mind !

Unknown said...

@MBA 12:21
Perhaps you would understand the Farsi version better.

This tunnel has been under construction by the IRGC subsidiaries for at least 6 years and "every year" they say it will finish "this year".

The references are too numerous to cite but here is a report in the Shiraz press from July 19, 2012:تونل_سعدی،_پایان_امسال_به_بهره_برداری_خواهد_رسید؟؟؟.html

شیرازیس - تونل سعدي از طرحهاي عمراني به تعويق افتاده از سال 1385 در منطقه بلوار سرداران شيراز منتهي به شهرك سعدي مي باشد كه شش سال پيش با حضور وزير محترم كشور كلنگ زده شد و بلافاصله شروع به كار گرديد و قرار شد 2 ساله اين طرح به پايان برسد.
حال ، شهردار وقت منطقه 3 شهرداری شیراز، پس از 4 سال تعویق در اتمام این طرح عمرانی، در 28 تیرماه سال 91 در گفتگو با ایرنا ابراز داشته که این دو پروژه به عنوان پروژه های شاخص منطقه مطرح هستند و برای اجرای آنها هزینه ای افزون بر500 میلیارد ریال با احتساب تملك ها ، صرف خواهد شد که پایان امسال به بهره برداری می رسند.
شایان ذکر است مهندس علیرضا پاک فطرت شهردار شیراز در بازدید از این تونل در تاریخ 19 اردیبهشت سال گذشته به مردم شریف شیراز وعده داد که عملیات ساخت این پروژه تا پایان سال به پایان می رسد که این پایان سال هنوز از راه نرسیده است.

Anonymous said...

everything simulation, hoax, photoshop.
do believe not one word, unless MD Fazel confirm it.
which is never the case

Anonymous said...

Yes B.M.A,you should know a thing or two about "fixed minds"!

Jabbar Fazeli said the contracts are given without fair bidding to the IRGC goons which are known to be extremely corrupt and unanswerable to the public purse.
They use the construction projects for stealing money and laundering it in secret bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

I would say the IR is the expert at Photoshop and Hoax projects. Like the stealth 313 airplane and the Photoshop of it flying.The Photoshop of some missile launches and fake S300 missiles which turned out to be empty barrels welded together and numerous other Photoshopped and fake weaponry trying to portray the Islamic regimes power something that it clearly isn't.

Unknown said...

@anon 1:43
These pictures are not fake; in fact they are the truest example of IR construction corruption.

If I have to look at daily pictures of IR "progress" then I am compelled to point out the truth about these pictures, so stay tuned!

B.M.A said...


-It is another sad story of a fine brain like you rotting somewhere!.
-bigotry must be a cruel ailment indeed- see your dismissive attitude on the regime!.
-your criticism of the regime knows no bonds,the regime will be fired even if it plays by the rules!.
-just what project do you think the regime did or does that you feel can pass through your standards?

climb down from that tall ladder!I BELIEVE YOU HAVE SOME USEFUL INPUT FOR THE BETTERMENT of the Nation!!.

Anonymous said...

Put your money where your mouth is and go and live in Iran B.M.A.
Stop supporting a brutal regime from afar and lecturing Iranians on the state of the country when in reality you know nothing about it.

Unknown said...

@BMA 6:08 am
Thanks for the offer but no thanks.

In any case, our brightest and bravest are still in Iran, more specifically in Evin prison.