Friday, February 8, 2013

World Will Respond if Iran Brings 'Substance' to Nuclear Talks - Kerry

New Secretary of State John Kerry said today the window of diplomacy remains open for Iran as it prepares to meet later this month with world powers in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“The choice is really ultimately up to Iran,” Kerry told his first press conference since becoming America's top diplomat.
“The international community is ready to respond if Iran comes prepared to talk real substance and to address the concerns, which could not be more clear, about their nuclear program.
“If they don't, then they will choose to leave themselves more isolated. That's the choice,” Kerry said. (AFP, 8 February)
Photo credit: Secretary of State John Kerry (R) with visiting Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird. Washington, 8 February 2013. (AFP)


Anonymous said...

I don't know why they keep wasting their time regarding the occupying regime.Don't they know by now that the Rapist Theocracy has no interest in negotiating a deal. Because the criminal mafia leadership knows it will be the end of their barbarous inhuman rule in Iran.

Anonymous said...

lips service again.baseless allegation.they have not produce an ounce of proof.they killed millions in iraq for was all big fat lies.iran peaceful nuclear energy is its rights.iran is member OF IAEA,NPT,WHICH THE ACCUSERS ARE NOT,STOP LIES AND PROPAGANDA ABOUT MY BELOVED COUNTRY.

Mark Pyruz said...

In other words:

Iran must surrender it's sovereign claims to the nuclear fuel cycle, recognize American hegemony in the Middle East as well as the mostly eastern European sourced colonial project in the Levant, forego crucial elements of national independence and undergo a regime change in the process.

That's plainly evident to the Iranian leadership and much of the Iranian populace inside Iran.

Like the British in 1940, it's up those people inside Iran whether this is all worth it. For us Americans, it means unrealized potential economic opportunities for American business, at a time when our own national economy is stumbling along. This is the price we Americans pay for having our Middle East policy held captive by a foreign interest, as well as a domestic interest bent on another war in the Middle East.

Nader Uskowi said...

How did you read all that in Kerry's two very short sentences? And are you saying that based on your view, that the U.S. is not serious in any negotiations and is only seeking total surrounded by Iran, there is no reason for the Iranian leadership to hold talks with the U.S.? Are you saying the same thing as Khamenei was saying the other day? Do you really believe there is no use for diplomacy at this time?

Anonymous said...

the USA, which is leading the imposition of sanctions against Iran, is certainly a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty.
and it's the IAEA which accuses Iran of failing to comply with Iran's treaty obligations.

your beloved country is the entity up to its ears with its own lies and propaganda, friend.

Anonymous said...

The Terrorizing Theocracy and their Warden of Numbskull Zombies like to keep the situation in Iran as it is because it benefits their Extreme Zealotry.

Anonymous said...

today invite to negotioation
one day later impose new snctions.

This politik of carrot und tick will fail

Anonymous said...

There is no need for Iran to substantiate its position.
There is a need for the US to follow the logic.

Proposal of talks are meant to create a chance, before the Iranian election, to create an impositions of restraint on "regime" toward its dealings with the opposition's freedoms.

The 1994 talks; (and thereafter), with the North Korea proved that the US may not adhere to its promises, therefore the FM Mr. Salehi underlined issue of "guarantees".