Friday, February 22, 2013

Public housing construction in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Hundreds of thousand of units are evident in this modest sampling of current public housing construction throughout Iran. Viewing these photos provides evidence for which segment of Iranian society benefits most from Islamic Republic governance, and why wherein that majority segment there is support for the Islamic Republic according to multiple Western administered public opinion polls conducted with scientifically derived methodologies. Photos here are from within the past six months, many in 2013.

Public housing complex in Bandar Abbas, under construction

16,000 units of public housing recently opened in Semnan

Public housing complex in Roudehen, 20,000 units, under construction 

Public housing complex in Hamadan, 20,000 units, recently opened

Public housing complex in Torbate Heydariyeh (Khorasan), under construction

Public housing complex in Baharestan (near Isfahan), under construction

Public housing complex in Eslamshahr (Tehran Province), newly opened

Newly opened public housing complex, location unknown

Above: Public housing complex in Mazandaran, partially completed

Public housing complex in Sepahan Shahr, recently opened

Above: Public housing complex in Bushsehr, recently opened

Public housing complex in Hamadan, recently opened

Public housing complex in Pardis, recently opened

Public housing complex in Khorasan, under construction

Public housing complex in Chahshak (Khorosan), recently completed

Above: Public housing complex in Yazd, in various stages of construction

Public housing complex in Pardis, recently opened

Public housing complex in Zanjan, recently opened 

Public housing complex in Birjand, recently opened

Public housing complex in Bandar Lengeh, under construction

 Public housing complex in Chaloos (Mazandaran province), under final stages of construction

Recently opened public housing complex in Isfahan (Jan. 2013)


B.M.A said...

-LONG live the revolution!
-LONG live the LEADER!
-long live the great IRANIAN people!
-long live all patriotic sons and daughters of this noble nation!
-LONG LIVE Mark Pyruz- for the effort to illuminate some light here in this blog-may the almighty reward you with many happy years to live in this world, and reward you more in the hereafter!!. -SURELY WITHOUT YOU ,it would have been impossible FOR MANY readers to see IRAN FROM THE BRIGHT SIDE !.

now we know better what a lying 'rapist gangster regime' can do for its citizens!!..

Anonymous said...

Iran is so poor ... it's a developing nation ... it's a third world country ... its economy is in shatters ... their coffers are empty... its people are so impoverished... its people cant afford to put food on the table ... Iranians are so very badbakht, vay vay, vaveyla! :)

Meanwhile in the thousands of shanty towns across the land, slums outside of major cities, and the infamous decayed & failed so called "projects" wonder where that might be?...Ah, in the best country on the earth - the USA.


Sarcasm warning!

Anonymous said...

The IRI is ranked 108 among states in infant mortality rankings:


It is ranked 106 in life expectancy:


It is ranked somewhere between 70 and 77 in GDP per capita (Purchasing Power Parity):


Considering the fact that the country has the world's second largest natural gas reserves and fourth largest oil reserves. And considering the fact that it has enjoyed near record oil prices (in fact, the IRI has derived as much revenue from oil sales in the past 8 years as Iran did in the preceding century -- going back to the Qajar era!). And considering the fact that Iran had a larger economy than South Korea in 1979 (now Iran is only a fraction of South Korea's) -- I don't think not even making the Top 100 in basic measure of wellbeing is anything for West-residing IRI Groupies to crow about. No?

Anonymous said...

Go and tell your sarcasm to Iranian families selling their organs so that they could put a loaf of bread on the table.
Meanwhile enjoy your shameless hypocritical lifestyle in the West,badbakht.

Anonymous said...

And Reza Shah built the railway with no oil revenue.Yet the "mighty Islamic republic" couldn't even build a single warped railway line to Shiraz despite the hundreds of billions of dollars in oil revenues which was found to be gone missing or more precisely stolen.