Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Iran Started Installing New Centrifuges at Natanz

New Generation IR2 Machines 3-6 Times Faster

Fereydoun Abbasi, director of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), said in Tehran today that Iran has started installation of the new generation IR2 uranium enrichment centrifuges at Natanz uranium enrichment facility.  

“From last month the installation of the new generation of these machines started in the Shahid Ahmadi Roshan complex (Natanz),” Abbasi said. (ISNA/Reuters, 13 February)

IR2 centrifuges are 3-6 times faster that the first generation IR1 machines that have been used in Natanz. The efficiency of the new centrifuges will depend on number of factors, such as the quality of raw material used, by 3-6 range is commonly believed to be how much faster they would produce enriched uranium. Natanz will be able to at least double its production when the installation of IR2s is completed.

On 23 February 2003, Natanz nuclear facility was uncovered. In ten years since then, Iran has installed nearly 11,000 IR1 centrifuges at Natanz, producing 3.5-percent enriched uranium, and another 4,000 centrifuges at Fordo, enriching uranium at 20-percent purity.

Meanwhile, Iran started new round of negotiations with IAEA today. The agency’s delegation, headed by the IAEA Deputy Director General And Chief Inspector Herman Nackaerts, arrived in Tehran last night.

IAEA’s access to Parchin military base, suspected to have housed a nuclear weapon research unit, will be at the top of IAEA’s demands. Iran has signaled recently that it might accept the IAEA’s investigation at Parchin if the two sides could agree on the conditions under which such investigations would go forward.

File photo: Uranium enrichment centrifuges


Anonymous said...

How is Iran able to obtain these machines? Are they not included in the list of items prohibited for export to Iran?

Anonymous said...

anno Feb 13
That is a funny posting, seems you do not have any knowledge of iran
Iran do not buy centrifuge, iran make hightech centrifuges bythemself.

If the centrifues was bopught somewhere else, then the we never had all those sanctions and negotiations and dispute in the last 10 years.

IrN HAS A GOOD DEVELOPED NUKE & Missile Technologie
Therefopre the western power fear iran.

Nader Uskowi said...

These IR2 is based on German technology and had been in operation in Pakistan as well. Iran has had access to Pakistani technology. The IR2 and the latest IR2m are manufactured inside Iran based on those models.

Anonymous said...

Yes annon 10:15 soon we can destroy Israel and USA to! No peoples will stop the mighty people of Iran we and our allies will control all men the christans and jews will find thier real place in this world.

Anonymous said...

Wow,by the sound of it you have some serious issues.
Maybe you should volunteer your services and be the first in line with a suicide jacket and make your dreams come true.
It's obvious you don't know your "real place" in this world.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:15 AM

I hope you realize that the West has much more and far more better missiles and bombs than what the regime in Iran possesses.It will be a laughably uneven contest.
The regime in Iran is leading the country in the wrong direction,just like the North Koreans with their nukes and missiles while their people are starving sick and in poverty.
But thankfully the Iranian people know this and one day they will show the cardboard regime by setting it on fire.

Anonymous said...

at least nobody can stop iran going nuclear
neither thre shi.ty little country israel, nor the bankrupt superpower

Anonymous said...

Well "shi.ty little country Israel" has over 200 nukes and "the bankrupt superpower" has over 6000 nukes.

So what has a bankrupt corrupt and decrepit religious dictatorship have in the number of nukes?


So I know which side I rather be if the bombs start dropping.

mat said...

Head of Iran Space Agency (ISA) says NASA has confirmed Iranian success in sending an indigenous bio-capsule with a live monkey onboard into space.

Hamid Fazeli said Wednesday that experts at the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have confirmed the launch and said there is no doubt about Iran’s space activities.

“Credible foreign institutions which regularly monitored the space programs of 10 countries until 2012, announced that five countries have joined these 10 countries and one of them is Iran,” he said.

Sorry! Off-topic.

mat said...

Iran and Russia have agreed to enhance cooperation in the field of space science and development of satellite technologies.

During the 10th annual meeting of the Russian-Iranian Business Council (RIBC) on Tuesday, Russian Space Agency Official Dennis Lessikov said Moscow is ready to cooperate with Iran in building satellite signal transmission stations and training Iranian experts.

The official added that the two sides have held a meeting on space cooperation, which was attended by Iranian Space Agency (ISA) official, Hassan Karimi.

Karimi, for his part, said Tehran and Moscow have set up a space working group to review possible fields of cooperation.

Sorry! Off-topic again.

Anonymous said...

These "deals" that the regime is signing with Russia is selling Iran's resources down the tube and benefit Russia. So that a corrupt backward anti Iranian theocracy can preserve its position of power.
The deals made with Russia and China will not be recognized by any future government of Iran after the occupying regime is overthrown.

Anonymous said...

Several years ago Russia proposed to the European Space Agency to design and build toogether a seven man space capsule ( Soyuz's replacement), but the ESA turned down that proposal.
The apparent reason for that refusal were western fears to share its technology with Russia.

Maybe when Iran advances its space program sufficiently, Russia can be tempted to propose its project of the new spaceship to Iran...