Saturday, February 9, 2013

Regime Change in Iran: The 34th Anniversary

On the occasion of the 34th anniversary of the regime change in Iran: 1979-2013
Shah Leaves
Khomeini Arrives
Shah Test-Flying F-4 at McDonnell in St Louis, 1968
Getting Ready for War
Khamenei at War
At Iran-Iraq War Front with Abdullah Nouri
Happier Days: Shah & Farah
Happier Days: Ahmadinejad & Assad

On the occasion of the 34th anniversary of the regime change in Iran: 1979-2013


Anonymous said...

Posted 21 minutrs ago from what time of the day ????


Anonymous said...

It kind of reminds me of the dirty laundry being brought into the country and after 34 years Iranians are still unable to clean the dirty filthy stain of Khomeini ever since.

Anonymous said...

Leftist Losers (traitors) + Religious Losers (traitors) = Disaster

Mark Pyruz said...

I could be wrong but I believe the Shah was in the RIO seat of the F-4, not the pilot seat.

The second "happier days" photo was actually taken in Tehran, so perhaps you mean "happier days" for Assad? Granted he's in a civil war, but it's much unhappier for the folks caught in the crossfire of that war than it is for him.

Nader Uskowi said...

And for Ahmadinejad

Anonymous said...

Once again,Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Thirty four years of Badbahkti and Nekbat for our nation because some of the people were fooled into believing that this Zahak was the hidden iman or a "Gandi like figure".
His mission was to give back the power to the mullahs and take back the clock to a period when Iranians were serfs and women were covered in Black Kafan and only think and die for the hidden imam and imam Hussien.
The Velayat is the master and slave owner with the Iranian nation as their slaves to serve the purposes of the Velayat and their beloved and bloodthirsty cult.
As long as these sand dwelling barbarians are in power the name of Iran is doomed to be a myth and in its place will be the Greater Arabia (Pan-Arabistan)

Anonymous said...

The shah had great potential to be a great leader, but he became arrogant and like a secluded mushroom fermenting in the wind, was fed unadulterated BS by his US and Zionist handlers who failed to understand the religious and conservative nature of Iranian society and street/bazaari political dynamics. His twin sister Ashraf, Farah Diba, the perpetual puckered lip bottom smooching court jesters (cabinet members) who could not tell the truth, brutal SAVAK, double dealing MOSSAD and CIA and rest of the head in the sand crowd ruined his parade literally. The same type of delusional thinking can be attributed to the current crop of self-exiled Iranians in the west who don't have a clue how Iran works. The mullahs for better or worse have a good grasp on Iranian society and street dynamics and hence their successful retention of power despite all odds. BTW, the Iranians also have better intelligence on Syria and knew from the get go that Assad was no shrinking violet and will outlast his so-called FSA terrorist opposition funded by the US/Zionist/Salafi hyena coalition. As far as the nutter Ahmadinejad is concerned he is a spent force in his last dying political days and hence his frustration at Ali Larajani who is the front runner for the Presidency in June elections. Iranian politics has always been lively and caveat emptor for all the so-called "experts" on Iran.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:28 AM

The "delusional thinking" is only in your thought processes.The mullahs "good grasp" of Iranian society and "street dynamics" and hence their "successful retention of power despite all odds" is only due to the extreme barbarity of the theocratic regime.As far as is concerned the Shah was a great leader and cared enormously for the future of Iran and its development.If only the state was reformed at the time. The country would have been one of the top countries in the world.But instead the forces to be wanted their revolution of hate and destruction and the removal of an original Iranian institution that the world looked towards in envy.In its place you have a anti human barbaric terrorist and fascist Islamic anti Iranian entity that strives to destroy Iranian nationalism.
They will fail and burn.

As for Assad the little donkey of the Islamic vipers he is a forgone conclusion and next in line will be the Hezbollah.
The farcical "presidential elections"are meaningless because it serves no purpose but window dressing for the corrupt velayat.
So looks like the "arrogant and secluded mushroom fermenting in the wind" is the velayat and all his corrupt cronies who think arrogantly in the name of their oppressive cult that they have the god given right to rule over the Iranian nation.
They will fail and burn.

B.M.A said...

IT was the revolution of the century!

Anonymous said...

It is rather moot to discuss rationally with someone living in a world of fantasy.LOL. If the shah was a "great leader" how come he was installed by the CIA and retained by them in a cocoon and fed a healthy died of egomania and failed ti understand the depth of Iranian hatred for him and his "Pahlavi dynasty"? Either he was totally dim-witted or SAVAK had him on dope not to realize the growing opposition to him from day one reaching its peak in the 50's with the democratic forces of Dr. Mossadegh and subsequent US/UK operation AJAX which two decades later sealed his ill-fate. Even a complete buffoon could not have missed the ominous signs of mass opposition since his "coronation" by the Brits in 1941 after packing off Reza senior to South Africa for his pro-German leanings. Even a complete dolt could not have missed the religious riots of 60's and then the final culmination of a unified Iranian opposition from Marxists, democrats to Mullahs in late 70's. His prime sycophants Hoveyda and Nassiri must also be on Afghan red not to have fathomed the depth of political opposition in Iran.

Some of you naive folks living a totally delusional life simply do not understand Iran or its political dynamics. It is same kind of nonsense that the CIA, SAVAK and MOSSAD fed to the out of touch shah while the streets were burning. Despite your rant, today in Iran there is simply not the mass discontent that was pervasive in the "shahs" days. In any case barely 10,000 mullahs sequestered in Qom simply can not terrify 82 million Iranians, most of whom are well educated and politically aware. The simple fact is that most Iranians have accepted the revolution and are not interested in national destabilization or play into the hands of Iran's enemies. Just one look at the "Arab Spring" and its ruin on Arabs will convince anyone in Iran of US/Zionist goals and Iranians are smart enough not to buy US "democratic" crap and can see the "fruits" of US drone, mass murder and bombs "democracy" in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and now Syria, not to mention Libya, Tunisia and ever burning Egypt.

It helps to get out and small the roses once in a while. Iran is not about to give up its hard earned freedom from "democratic forces" based in Langley or Whitehall.

Anonymous said...

His Imperial Majesty Shahanshah Aryamehr was gift of God to Iran and Iranians and we, as a nation, and we foolishly believed Khomeini and squandered our chance to become a great nation and a member of the big club of nations for the next few generations. We have been paying the price for that sin and we are not done paying yet.

Long live his memory and God bless, the Shahbanou, his son Prince Reza Pahlavi and all the members of his family. May Reza Pahlavi ascend to the throne again by popular vote and and may we all live in a free democratic Iran where all political aspirations are tolerated and become again the well respected and powerful nation we were until February 10th, 1979!

Payandeh Iran!