Sunday, November 11, 2018

Nader Uskowi writes new book on Iran's IRGC-QF and Mideast conflict

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Nader Uskowi's anticipated new book title, "Temperature Rising: Iran's Revolutionary Guards and Wars in the Middle East" is now published and available for purchase.

The book details how the Quds Force and its allied Shia militias have fought in three theaters to advance Islamic Republic of Iran's regional ambitions and create a contiguous land corridor linking Iran through Iraq to Syria, Lebanon, and the Israeli northern fronts. The Iran-led operations are generating enormous political and security challenges for competing regional powers, contributing further instabilities in an already turbulent Middle East, with specters of direct military conflicts looming, pitting Iran against Gulf Arab states and Israel.

Mr. Uskowi has served as Senior Policy Advisor to United States Central Command (USCENTCOM), the branch of the U.S. military whose area of responsibility includes Iran and the Middle East, focusing on geopolitical and military developments across the region. He has recently testified before U.S. Congress, and published articles, appeared on Radio and TV news programs, and presented papers to seminars and symposiums on Iran.

Reviews for Temperature Rising:

“Temperature Rising is a riveting account of Iran’s way of war in the Middle East by a seasoned observer of the country’s regional strategy and military policy. Uskowi’s book is a powerful must-read for anyone interested in the region.” (General James Jones, former national security advisor to President Obama and former Marine Corps Commandant)

“If you want to understand Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and its action arm, the Qods Forces, Temperature Rising is the book you must read. Nader Uskowi takes you inside the organization, its funding, its relationship to the Supreme Leader, and its broad mission. It is not just about protecting the Iranian regime from possible internal threats; it is about spreading the reach of the Islamic Republic throughout the Middle East. Temperature Rising explains in a compelling fashion the threat, but also points out the new vulnerabilities the Revolutionary Guard is creating for the Iranian regime. This book reminds us that the Islamic Republic poses a threat but also is not ten feet tall.” (Ambassador Dennis Ross, Washington Institute for Near East Policy)

"Nader Uskowi has written an important and timely book that outlines the true scope of the challenge we face from the Islamic Republic. Today, as the United States grapples anew with Iran's malign influence in the Middle East, Temperature Rising should be essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the persistence of the Ayatollah Khomeini’s radical ideology, the extent of the Iranian regime’s regional reach, and the significance of the new web of influence that Tehran is building across the region." (Ilan Berman, senior vice president, American Foreign Policy Council)

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