Friday, February 22, 2013

Cyrus Cylinder Coming To America

The Cyrus Cylinder, often referred to as “the first charter of human rights,” will travel to the United States for the first time, touring five major metropolitan centers, starting with Washington, to be exhabited at the Sackler Gallery from 9 March to 28 April.

The exhibition is
entitled “The Cyrus Cylinder and Ancient Persia: A New Beginning.” It is organized by the British Museum in partnership with the Iran Heritage Foundation (IHF) and the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution in collaboration with other major museums.

Please click here to see the video for
a remarkable recount of the meaning and symbolism of this mesmerizing object.


Mark Pyruz said...

Can't wait!

Asian Art Museum, San Francisco,
9 August – 22 September 2013

mat said...

The nation with more than three thousand years of civilisation. That's what IRAN really is.

Unknown said...

It would be great if the current Iranian leaders would read and apply this 2500 years old text!

B.M. said...

the FAMED charter does not say that you turn correction institutions into tourist destinations and picnic parks AS someone HAVE BEEN AGITATING!!

Anonymous said...

Yes mat,don't forget the barbaric occupying 1400 year old Islamist don't recognize that Iranian civilization.Remember Khalkhali when he wanted to destroy Persepolis and the Iranian people stopped the Islamic gangsters in their tracks.
You're a shameless hussy.

Anonymous said...

The West and the Zionist (chosen people?) have to apply that 2500 year text FIRST !!!!


Anonymous said...

Seriously A-F? If that's the case what the hell are you doing living in the West?
Iran under the rule of barbaric Sharia law is one of the most oppressed countries on earth.
You need to stop being a hypocrite before you spew your garbage on the internet.