Monday, February 18, 2013

Current construction projects in Tehran

A selection of construction projects currently underway in Tehran, Iran (click photos to enlarge):

Pars Exchange, 21 floors, under construction

Pars Exchange, artist's rendering

District 22 Parks and Lake Development, under construction (1)

District 22 Parks and Lake Development, under construction (2)

District 22 Parks and Lake Development, under construction (3)

Baran Tower,  23 floors, under construction

Baran Tower, artist's rendering

Niayesh-Sadr Tunnel (1)

Niayesh-Sadr Tunnel (2)

Jam Tower (Mellat Bank), 33 floors, under construction

Jam Tower, artist's rendering


Anonymous said...

It is good to see these projects moving ahead despite the sanctions and economic pressure. It speaks volumes about the resilience and industrious nature of Iranians in face of adversity. Iranian construction and civil engineering sector is world class and this is no exaggeration. The new projects also have better design and safeguards against seismic activity which the Iranian plateau is prone too. In any case very impressive by any measure. Thanks Mark for posting this positive development.

Anonymous said...

Four Hundred Billion Dollars has gone missing in the past six years alone(Stolen). And you are trying to say that the criminal IRI is doing us a favor by building a few lousy projects.

Anonymous said...

What good are all these buildings and grand plans when the vast majority of people that I have left behind in Iran have never felt freedom in their hearts?
Some here have said that Iran is becoming the next North Korea and I agree. I do not beleive the west has caused Iran to be like this, I believe it is the hate for everyone, in just about every country, Iran teaches its people from a very young age to hate all others, this is their downfall. How long before Iran's society becomes completely closed to the outside world? How long before an Iranian's only duty will be to worship their own Dear Leader? Sorry about my english on this blog, I am from Brazil.

Anonymous said...

like an asian so called tiger country
like singapur or malaysia, dubai

Yossarian said...

You should concentrate on fixing Brazil's many, many problems first, instead of worrying about Iran, a country you clearly know nothing about...All that child street prostitution and the rampant AIDS epidemic in San Paulo should be your first priority. Along with an economy that has been the "next biggest thing" since 1960, and prisons that are barbaric even my American standards. If anything, countries like China and Iran have a lot to teach Brazilians like yourself, my propaganda munching Latin friend.

Anonymous said...

More like a Paper Tiger! LOL!


Unknown said...

@yossarian 3:31
Speaking of propaganda munching, on what basis do you claim to know more about Iran than other commentators?
If memory serves, you are a US citizen with no links to Iran. Did your story change since we last chatted?!

Unknown said...

@yossatian 8:44
Your comment was inappropriate and can not be published.
Feel free to write something appropriate (and preferably a response to the question asked) and it will be published.

Yossarian said...

I know Doc...The truth hurts. ;)

Yossarian said...

Never said I had no links to Eye-ran, Sparky...Only that I am an American, born a raised, with roots here going back to the 1600's. Now, let's try and make this less about what you "think" I am, and more about the topic at hand, eh Doc?

Anonymous said...

a paper tiger with nuke and icbm.