Saturday, August 30, 2014

Rouhani: Sanctions Will Not Damage Nuclear Talks

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in a press conference in Tehran today that the U.S. action adding entities to the existing sanctions will not damage the on-going talks with world powers. Rouhani, who is expected to attend the upcoming UN General Assembly in New York, said he does not plan to meet with President Obama while visiting the United States.

Rouhani ignored questions about the arrest and continued detention of Jason Rezaian, the Washington Post correspondent in Tehran, although congratulated a Chinese journalist for his command of Farsi language.

Rouhani also said that the impeachment of his minister of science by the Majlis would not change the course of his administration. He added that the next minister of science will follow the same path as his impeached predecessor.

Photo: TV screen capture of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's press conference; Tehran, 30 August 2014. (Mashreq News)


Anonymous said...

Wow!,this guy just keeps bending over,at what point I wonder has he been given enough rope to hang himself

Anonymous said...

The Nuclear talk willa fail and Rohani will not be elected next time
Maybe we will have Ahmadi-Nejad again.
he knows how can talk with american

Anonymous said...

if the talks fail, maybe Iran will have someone such as Paul Brenner.