Sunday, August 3, 2014

Padideh 'Legend City' tourist resort at Kish, under construction (2)

Detectable progress is evident at Padideh 'Legend City' tourist resort construction site at Kish, since Uskowi of Iran observed last February 2014 (see HERE). Like certain other developments of this scale in Iran, there appears no apparent slowdown of construction activity.

Heavy equipment in evidence at constrution site include KATO rough terrain crane, a second rough terrain crane, an all terrain crane and a number of tower cranes.

Street view of Padideh 'Legend City' resort construction site at Kish. At least six working tower cranes can be observed.

Padideh 'Legend City' tourist resort construction site at Kish observed at background right, with the ancient fortress themed Kish Restaurant seen in foreground. Note at left a gigantic sculpture of ship's anchor.

Rendering of completed Padideh "Legend City" which includes five towers with heights of 250 meters

Rendering of luxury rooftop details for tower of completed Padideh "Legend City"


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