Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dream Land Amusement Park at Isfahan, set to open

Newly constructed and slated to open next week: Dream Land Amusement Park, at Isfahan

Space Shuttle themed structure at Dream Land Amusement Park, at Isfahan

Train ride detail at Dream Land Amusement Park, at Isfahan

Mystery House type structure at Dream Land Amusement Park, at Isfahan

Sea monster structure at Dream Land Amusement Park, at Isfahan

Elevated roller coaster tracks at Dream Land Amusement Park, at Isfahan

Motorcycle-themed ride at Dream Land Amusement Park, at Isfahan

Detail of motorcycle-themed ride at Dream Land Amusement Park, at Isfahan

Partial detail of merry-go-round at Motorcycle-themed ride at Dream Land Amusement Park

School-themed sculptures at Dream Land Amusement Park, at Isfahan

Windmill sculptures at Dream Land Amusement Park, at Isfahan

Landscape detail at Dream Land Amusement Park, at Isfahan

Entrance gate for Dream Land Amusement Park at Isfahan

Many more photos can be accessed HERE.

Photos: Abdolreza Eftekhari at Isfahan Metropolis News Agency


Mark Pyruz said...

Not what you'd expect to see in a "demolished economy."

Anonymous said...

charming photos and a nice entry for the blog. I enjoyed it ...too bad you had to screw it up with that comment.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with the comment. Does the truth bother you? He is right. For all the western propoganda the Iranian economy is far from collapse.

Nader Uskowi said...

Anon 11:44 AM,

I don't know where do you read these "western propaganda." But since Rouhani came to power last year, the Iranian government has issued monthly and quarterly reports on the state of the country's economy, identifying stagflation (inflation and contraction of economy at the same time) as the most serious problems facing Iran. Propaganda is when one denies/spins the government's own reports identifying these serious issues, probably in defense of Ahmadinejad's disastrous economic and foreign policies in his eight years in power.

Fortunately for Iran, Rouhani did two things: reduced energy subsidies and cash handouts, and started negotiations with the West to end the nuclear impasse. As a result, the inflation is being reduced dramatically: from 45% in last year of Ahmadinejad to around 15% this month; and the rate of GDP's negative growth slowed down considerably: from -5.8% negative growth in last year of Ahmadinejad's administration to -2.2% last year (IMF now forecast actual GDP positive growth for this year.)

BTW, these statistics are not "western propaganda," but produced by the Iranian government, in case you missed the government's own publications.

Anonymous said...

IRAN HAS ECONOMIC PROBLEMS. NO DOUT ABOUT THAT. But Rohani took very good steps in term of economic and foreign policies. So for now, it's improving steadily but not as fast as people would like. I can testify about that having been in IRAN just recently for a full month. Life is hard, bt it isn't hell neither........


Paul Iddon said...

A post about a place called "Dream Land" being anecdotal proof that the Iranian economy is fine is kind of amusing when you think about it for a second.

Cute park nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Qum the real dream land?

Faikka Aikka said...

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