Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Iranian Officials Express Support for Abadi’s Nomination as Iraq PM

Shamkhani Congratulates Abadi - Zarif Calls for Speedy Formation of New Government
Secretary of Iran’s Supreme Council for National Security (SCNS), Brig. Gen. Ali Shamkhani, today congratulated Haider al-Abadi for becoming the new Iraqi prime minister, Tasnim news agency reported. His congratulatory message to Abadi broke a day of silence on the nomination by the Iranian officials.

Shamkhani, who also serves as Ayatollah Khamenei’s representative at SCNS, made the remarks at the annual gathering of Iranian ambassadors in Tehran on Tuesday.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran supports the constitution procedure by which the new Iraqi prime minister has been selected,” Shamkhani said. (Tasnim, 12 August)

Tasnim quoted Shamkhani as congratulating Prime Minister-designate Abadi on his selection and extending his congratulatory message to Iraq’s Shia Marjaia and Iraqi people.

The news agency also quoted Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif as calling for timely formation of a new government under Abadi’s leadership. Zarif made the comments during a phone conversation with his Italian counterpart on Tuesday.

The Iranian media on Monday had highlighted Maliki’s defiance for not being asked to serve a third term. But today the tone changed. Mehr News Agency carried the news of Abadi’s request for international support against the Islamic State, referring to him as Prime Minister-designate. I

Today, U.S. officials also expressed readiness to expand military and political support for Iraq when Abadi assumes the duties of prime minister and leads an inclusive, multi-sectarian government.

The United States “is prepared to intensify its security cooperation,” said Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. (The New York Times, 12 August)

“We are prepared to consider additional political, military and security options as Iraq starts to build a new government,” added Secretary of State John.

Kerry and Hagel were in Sydney on Tuesday for signing the force posture agreement that provides for the rotation of U.S. Marines and Air Force personnel in northeast Australia.

UPDATE: Saudi King Abdullah on Tuesday congratulated Prime Minster-designate Haider al-Abadi on his nomination to form the new Iraqi government, Saudi state news agency announced.

File photo: Secretary of Iran’s Supreme Council for National Security, Brig. Gen. Ali Shamkhani (Tasnim)

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