Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Khamenei on U.S. Relations, Nuclear Talks and Iraqi Government

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said today relations with the United States are not beneficial for the Islamic Republic. He made the comments during a meeting with Foreign Minister Javad Zarif and Iranian ambassadors who have gathered in Tehran for their annual meeting. (Twitter/

Khamenei said he does not oppose nuclear talks with P5+1, without going into any details or reiterating his redline on acceptable number of centrifuges. At one point he looked at Zarif and said, ”I won’t oppose the talks. Dr. Zarif will continue the good work.” 

Khamenei also endorsed formation of a new government by Iraqi Prime Minister-designate Haider al-Abadi.

But Khamenei reserved his harshest comments against relationship with the United States.

“In case of (engagement with the world), there are two exceptions: Zionist regime (Israel) and the United States.

“Relations and talks with the United States are not beneficial for the Islamic Republic, except only in few specific cases.

“Some pretend sitting with the U.S. around a table will solve many problems. But we knew it is not like this. Last year’s events (nuclear talks) proved this.

“(Nuclear talks) was a precious experience for all to see that being and talking to the U.S. is ineffective in decreasing their hostility.” 

Source: IRNA/Twitter/, 13 August 2014

Photo credit: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, meet Foreign Minister Javad Zarf and Iranian diplomatic corps; Tehran, 13 August 2014. (Twitter/


Anonymous said...

Why should US decrease its hostility. Khomeini the grand daddy of all Akhoonds declared war on US 35 years ago. And the offerings which this akhoond is refering to as specific beneficial cases, should be withdrawn by US.

Anonymous said...

Actually, US declared war on the Iranian Nation when they helped Russia and British occupy a neutral Iran during WWII and since they engineered a coup in 1953, left their "Best Friend" the late Shah alone in 1978, Helped the murderous and criminal Saddam of Iraq with satellite and intelligence data during the war that led to many Iranian military getting killed, ignored all the chemical warfare and gases transported via Jordan to Iraq, helped the US STate Department declared "terrorist" organization "MKO" in 1980s and 1990s to kill hundreds of Iranians and....Really no matter what this or previous regimes in Iran have done; US conduct and actions in past decades towards Iran and its people have been nothing but a disaster.

Nader Uskowi said...

For your information, the 1953 American/British coup was supported by then-Shia leader Ayatollah Kashani, and a young Shia cleric named Rohullah Khomeini, all in the name of defeating Mossadeq who supposedly could have opened the way for Tudeh party. So I believe Iran's supreme leader and other government officials in Iran need not mention the 1953 coup as a justification for their current anti-U.S. policies.

You also go as long ago as WWII to justify the anti-American policies, way before the current U.S. administration's responsibility. It's like if Khamenei's critics go back to embassy hostage taking, Beirut bombing of the Marine barracks, the formation of Shia militia groups to fight Americans in Iraq and beyond, and many such mischiefs.

If governments behave based on their complaints going back to WWII, then why did Iran, or U.S. for that matter, ever wanted to sit down around the table to try to strike a deal on Iranian nuclear program, and actually sign an interim agreement which is valid to this day?

The Iranian government and its supreme leader will not find any better team that the current Obama/Kerry/Hagel national security team in the U.S. to put past differences aside and find a way forward. Hope both sides recognize these special circumstances and find that way.

Anonymous said...

Nader, Could you please quote references for Kashani and Khomeini being involved in 1953 coup. If not involved I would like to see how far their support went.


Nader Uskowi said...

To start, please read Steven Kinzer, "All the Shah's Men," on events of August 1953 and Ayatollah Kashani's stand. There are many references made by Khoemeni in Farsi on Kashani's leadership and his stand against the Tudeh Party.