Sunday, August 3, 2014

Islamic State Reportedly Captures Mosul Dam - UPDATE

Islamic State fighters on Sunday reportedly captured Mosul Dam, Iraq’s largest. IS seized control of the strategic dam during a weekend of victories for the militants. They overran towns of Sinjar, Zumar and Wana and took control of two oil fields in Zumar area.

“ISIL terrorists took control of Iraq's largest dam near the city of Mosul." (, 3 August)

Control of Mosul Dam will give the militants capability to unleash a deadly flood in northern Iraq, affecting large populations, if they so decide. The dam is located on the Tigris River in Ninawa province, upstream of Mosul. Its main power station produces 750 MW of electricity.

The IS victories were Kurdish Peshmerga’s first major defeat in the hands of Islamic State fighters, which within 24 hours secured large areas they were contesting against the Kurds.

Meanwhile, the Islamic State also declared victory in a statement issued by its Nineveh command after the string of Sunday’s victories.

“The Mujahideen conquered several areas controlled by secular Kurdish gangs and militias," said the statement. ”In a day-long series of battles involving a variety of weapons... the apostate enemies were humiliated, dozens were killed and wounded and hundreds fled.” 

“Islamic State brigades have now reached the border triangle between Iraq, Syria and Turkey. May God Almighty allow his Mujahedeen to liberate the whole region,” IS statement added. (IS/AFP, 3 August)

UPDATE: There are conflicting reports on who actually controls the dam. As of Tuesday 5 August, the Kurdish media reports that Peshmerga forces are indeed in control of the dam, with ISIL fighters in the area contesting their control.

File photo: Mosul Dam (Getty/AFP/BBC)

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