Saturday, October 11, 2014

Messages Exchanged with U.S. over ISIL - Iran

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian was quoted today by Iranian media as saying Iran and the U.S. exchanged messages over the fight against ISIL. Abdollahian also has said that Tehran warned Washington that Israeli security will be at risk should the U.S.-led coalition seek to topple Assad in the name of fighting the ISIL. He did not elaborate on how the Israeli security would be endangered.


Rizvi/India said...

Iran and US relations are much bold what we known, but for the sake of internal issue not to aggravate, both deny the level of cooperation.In very real sense Iran and US are complementary,they recognized the the Jews killing during Nazi period and this is a fact. Iran should take a firm line, why always Iran raise the flag of Hamas, Palistine or other Sunni issues when most of the Sunnis either of Arab world or else having no remorse for killing of Thousands of Shias is Iraq & Syria by ISIS.Most of the Arab state are very Joyful and delighted for ISIS killings against Shias. In my view in Indian mythological term ISIS are Basmasur "Demon" who try to kill Lord, who gave him blessings for always victor, finally this Demon was killed by the lord itself. This ISIS will not have long life but killed by their creator. Iran should take a lesson not to raise flag for Sunni cause but only focus how to terminate the Sunni terrorism.

Mark Pyruz said...

"Abdollahian also has said that Tehran warned Washington that Israeli security will be at risk should the U.S.-led coalition seek to topple Assad in the name of fighting the ISIL."

The iranians are signaling an even wider regional conflagration should U.S. led coalition militarily escalate regime change efforts against Syrian Arab Republic, in effect the war against ISIL would include the following:

1) War against ISIL in Iraq, US-led

2) War against ISIL in Iraq, Iran-led

3) War against ISIL in Syria, US-led

4) War against ISIL in Syria, Iran led

5) War against JAN in Syria, US-led

6) War against JAN, Iran led.

7) War between Syrian Arab Republic and Free Syrian Army

8) War between Iran allies (such as LH) and IDF, along Lebanese border and possibly Syria.

That is to say, a further complication to an already over-complicated conflict (assuming one combines the Syrian and Iraqi conflicts as theaters of the same war).

The Turks are signaling one of their conditions for a ground war component is an escalation of military efforts intended to effect regime change in Syria, in addition to a no-fly zone (this would be aimed at SyAAF, IRGC logistic flights and UAVs) and NATO participation in the ground war.

Mark Pyruz said...

I would just add, for above item 8, war would envisioned as low intensity. However as wars go, it could itself escalate to the point of a wider conflagration in Lebanon, potentially destabilizing yet another country in the region.

Whether or not the Iranians are bluffing is difficult to determine at this point in time. It really depends on the escalation of US-led efforts at militarily effecting regime change in Syria.

Anonymous said...

Iran's threat is empty as it wouldn't dare attempt any direct action against Israel.

it's iran's attempt to subvert the Arab nations that are threatened and the ouster of the Assads is a nightmare for the Iranian theocrats as Iran's ONLY national ally is a Syria governed by the Assad dictatorship......but that Syria is already gone. the Assads presently control less than half of Syria and the US-led coalition is most surely going to see that the Assads are gone at the end of hostilities.

...and there is very little that Iran can do to prevent the US from shoving the Assads out.