Monday, October 27, 2014

Iran: No Extension of Nuclear Talks on Agenda

Iran’s official news agency IRNA, quoting an unnamed senior member of Iranian nuclear negotiating team, reported that extending the nuclear talks beyond the 24 November deadline is not on the agenda. On Saturday, the Los Angeles Times reported that major world powers were discussing whether to extend the talks for another six months.

“The paper’s report is not true and the extension of the negotiations is not on the agenda. All the attention is focused on the serious continuation of negotiations until November 24,” said the Iranian officials (IRNA/Press TV, 27 October)

Meanwhile, Press TV reported that according to Iranian negotiating team the main stumbling block in reaching an agreement with the West remains the removal of all sanctions against Iran, and not the number of centrifuges or the level of uranium enrichment. Press TV is probably referring to a demand for immediate removal of all sanctions, including those imposed by the UN, upon signing of the final agreement, as opposed to a phase-in period for their gradual removal.

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