Saturday, October 18, 2014

U.S.-led Coalition Jets Strike ISIL Positions in Kobane

U.S.-led coalition jets pounded Islamic State targets in Kobane on Saturday. There were a total of six airstrikes against ISIL today. Earlier in the day the Islamic State shelled the city’s center and hit border areas within Turkey.

YPG Kurdish fighters, with help of U.S.-led strikes, are holding out against the Islamic State for more than a month of valiant defense of their city. Kobane is already being compared to Stalingrad and that city’s heroic defense against the Nazis. 

ISIL’s shelling of border areas with Turkey appears to be an attempt to cut off Kobane’s last link with Turkey.

“They want to cut off Kobane’s connection with the rest of the world,” said Dicle, an YPG spokesperson. “Turkey is not allowing in fighters or weapons, but they send aid at Mursitpar (border crossing). The Islamic State wants to destroy this gate so that we will be completely trapped here.” (Reuters, 18 October)

Photo credit: Smoke and flames rise over Kobane after U.S.-led airstrike against Islamic State positions in the city. The photo is taken from Muritpinar border crossing. (Reuters)    

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