Monday, October 20, 2014

Iran Electronics Industries Hafez phased-array radar

Above: video still of IEI Hafez ("Retentive") phased-array radar, claimed to be in production

MODAFL on Sunday publicized claims of launching production lines for three domestically-manufactured radar systems for IRIADF : Hafez, Arash-2 and Kayhan. Iran's Deputy Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami made the announcement at a ceremony held at Shiraz.

Hafez is claimed as "a medium range 'phased array, active and 3-dimensional radar,' which is paired with the home-made Mersad air defense system" (updated MIM-23B I-HAWK).

Further claims include ability to detect and track multiple targets from a distance of 250 km.

Mobile radar platform for Hafez system appears to be adapted Iveco 450 Trakker type vehicle.

Detail of vehicle-mounted Hafex phased-array antennae

Detail of Hafez radar operator console



Anonymous said...

Wow great news, tanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Isn't this the same radar used on the newly unveiled Bavar-373?

Farzam said...

No, this radar was seen during the same exhibition but it was identified as ''Mersad system detection radar''.
Picture of Hafez radar beside Sayyad-3 missile

Bavar-373 radar was installed on Zafar 8824.

Anonymous said...

Just a simple word and that is: I am proud of Iran and Iranian nation. We will become an índependent country. I believe it is really hard for Europian specially for English and French to see that Iran is moving towrds a high tech more that US. US can becaome a good friend to Iran if and if they secure their interest in the region. IRan and US should get close to eachother and solve their problems with talks.