Friday, October 10, 2014

Iraqi helicopter losses to ISIL-fired MANPADS

Photo depicting wreckage of Iraq Army Aviation Command (IqAAC) Mil Mi-35M (Hind E) attack helicopter, shot down near near Beiji, Saladin Province on 03OCT14 by what's believed to be FeiNu-6 (“Flying Crossbow 6”) man-portable air-defense system (MANPADS). Aircrew KIA.

IqAAC Lt. Col. Marwan Majid al-Sa’adi, 28, pilot of downed Mi-35M, KIA near Beiji, Saladin Province

File photo: IqAAC Mil Mi-35M (Hind E) attack helicopter of a type shot down 03OCT14 near Beiji, Saladin Province

ISIL operator of Chinese-manufactured FeiNu-6 MANPADS, claimed fired in shootdown of IqAAC Bell IA-407 armed scout helicopter. dated 08OCT14 near Beiji, Saladin Province,  Origin of ISIL FeiNu-6 MANPADS said purchased by Qatar from Sudanese Army source, quantity ten for Free Syrian Army (FSyA) usage against Syrian Arab Republic forces. FeiNu-6 MANPADS missiles/launchers said delivered through Turkey but then obtained by al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front, then passed to ISIL.

ISIL publicity photos (sequence right to left) depicting FeiNu-6 missile closing and scoring hit on IqAAC Bell IA-407 armed scout helicopter.

Doomed IqAAC Bell IA-407 armed scout helicopter crashes to ground (sequence right to left). Aircrew KIA.

File photo: IqAAC Bell IA-407 armed scout helicopter of a type shot down 08OCT14 near Beiji, Saladin Province

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Brig. Gen. Basrawi (IQAF.ret) said...

May god rest his soul. Rest in Peace Lt. Col. Marwan Majid al-Sa’adi. ´

As i have stated before a couple times before on this blog, helicopters and slow-flying aircraft are extremly vulnerable to MANPADs. Question is whether the Mi-35s in service with IQAAC have any counter-measures e.g. flares, at all. Ever since relatively sophisticated MANPADS appeared late 70's, an aircraft or helicopter have had to be equipped with flares. Today's threat environment dictates that extensive/advanced warning systems and latest counter-measures must be installed on aircraft and helicopters.