Sunday, October 12, 2014

Suicide Bombings Kill Scores in Iraq

Around 400 People Killed in Arab World
A triple suicide bombing killed 58 people including members of the Kurdish security forces, Asayesh, northeast of Baghdad today, while the police chief of western Anbar province was killed in a roadside bomb attack.

The triple suicide bombing took place in Qara Tappah in Diyala province, at an Asayesh security compound. The first bomber detonated an explosive vest at the gateway, and minutes later two suicide bombers drove cars filled explosive into the compound, causing heavy damage. At least 107 people were wounded in the attack.

Today, around 400 people were killed in the Arab world: 58 in the triple suicide bombing in Iraq, 28 in Kurdistan, 24 in Libya, and more than 250 in Syria. 

File photo: The carnage at the site of a car bomb in Baghdad, Saturday 11 October 2014 (Karim kadim/AP)


B.M.A said...

tolerance !! a cardinal rule in ISLAM .has no place in the life of an Arab. Yet again a vicious barbaric Arab culture mistaken for ISLAM !.

Brig. Gen. Basrawi (IQAF.ret) said...


Your hatred and resentmen is misguided, no doubt!

B.M.A said...

KUFRU and NIFAAQ' - a preserve for Arabs !!.

I knew, you would jump to the defense !.But can you correct history ?

-So says the Holy Qur'an, that before the advent of Islam ,Arabs were killing and at war among themselves ,wallowing in a culture of blood bath and savagery !.AND the Arab intolerance and hypocrisy is spectacular !-No people on the face of the Earth matches them.

-They brought down the caliphates !, this was precipitated by them , rising the flag of Arab savagery! instead of upholding the blessed teaching of the HOLY book !.

-And recently when the US [BOD] and Allies were preparing to hit the illiterate and poorly armed Talibans with the latest military tech, the Arab League signed a document in Doha Qatar telling the world that 'Arabs will never stand by again and watch a fellow Arab whipped!'.!. But later on the BOD jumped on Saddam's NECK with all Arabs failing to protest or reach a consensus apparently forgetting their signed decree!, effectively .cementing their place as the most hypocritical people ever !.

-WHEN the West was done with their best friend Gaddafi and wished to eliminate him,they wished to build a coalition.So they invited South Africa and Nigeria to join them in eliminating the 'terrorist dictator'.The Africa Nations refused to join the WEST in their military move on Libya lamenting that GB and France are bypassing the security council .ON the other hand fellow ARAB Nation were busy training for the war and opening their skies and purses for the West to use !. in a blatant show of inhumanity to a fellow Arab !.

-so then, with or without ISLAM, Arabs will shed blood !, savagery is in their DNA !.

Brig. Gen. Basrawi (IQAF.ret) said...

Savagery is in the DNA of Arabs, just as it is in the DNA of Africans? Think of all those mass genocides that have taken place all over Africa (including Nigeria), perpetrated by Africans themselves.

Your are racist towards Arabs and your big generalizations in your post(s) proves it, very disgusting!

B.M.A said...

ISLAM -the humanist beautiful Divine religion[tradition] of the Holy prophets defaced by Arab-ism!.

IT is true,Africans are savage !.But i would forgive the African,Chinese,Japanese,Indian,even Hitler for being far from BEING human!- and i have my reasons !..

Arabs STAND as a special race among humanity .The mercy upon mankind having descended from them ,and the enlightenment [THE HOLY BOOK] ,in their language, the whole world mocks when an Arabs commits actions that reflect the practices of jahilliya pr-Islamic customs .YES !-the African or Indian or German is savage -and the reason being that they are far from the light ,i mean the enlightenment of the HOLY book.They have no guidance , they are still in the dark !.THEY are busy waiting for the ARABS to brings them the Nuur [ISLAM].But Arabs are busy defacing that nuur with actions of savagery and barbarism.

You are a military man and maybe haven't YET bothered to do some DA'AWA !,OR engage in some dialogue or inter-religious exchange.How do you convince someone that the HOLY prophet is a mercy upon mankind !.How do you convince the rational mind the Islam is the solutions for all troubles man is facing today?.IT becomes very hard to satisfy a non Muslim that Islam is indeed the solution when OUR brothers out there hurl grenades on crowded buses,blow up market places ,commit suicide ,all these in the name of 'ISLAM' -and yet the Holy book speaks harshly against these actions.

-Indeed am very much racist to all those ARABS who have chosen Jahhiliya traditions against the noble teachings of Islam-hence distort the beautiful IMAGE of the DEEN.- MAKING people to hate Islam by their heinous actions.