Sunday, October 19, 2014

Kourosh Complex in Tehran, recently constructed

Much has taken place at the Kourosh Commercial Complex site since UOI last observed on 07APR14. Amateur photography from around 13OCT14 depicts Kourosh Complex in Tehran completed, with the lower three floors leased to Iranian open-for-business storefronts.

View from second floor of Kourosh Complex in Tehran. This shopping mall went up fast, and its obvious there is demand for disposable income consumer goods in this part of Tehran.

Interior detail depicts a level of finish expected at upscale shopping malls in the West

Upper four levels appear to be vacant, however an amusement arcade is situated within the complex. Intyerested readers are encouraged to view the Kourosh Complex web site HERE.

The completed cineplex at the Kourosh Complex. The Kourosh Cineplex web site can be viewed HERE.

Exterior of completed Kourosh Commercial Complex in Tehran. Note the Hyperstar Market signage on the lower facade, and landscaping details.

Photos: "Raghfarm007," and Davoud Ghahrdar at ISNA


Anonymous said...

" Upper four levels appear to be vacant "

perfect summation

Anonymous said...

Nobody goes to malls in the west anymore and manner are going out of business due to the internet

Anonymous said...

I do not understand why all wapons and millitray equipments made by Iran are arabic names and none iranian. This is absolutely not a proudness for Iranian nations. It seems that the mullahs have understood the importance and the weight of that. Kourosh is a great name.

Anonymous said...

The iranian seems that they are getting self-esteem and believe in themselves more and more. A country which one day was completely dependent and not even able to produce a single and simpel thing is today staying on its own feet and progressively moving into high tech such as Nano tech, medicin, space, military equipment, ...etc. Iranian were one day the port of civilization, knowledge, peace and today on the same direction.