Friday, October 3, 2014

Falaq mobile rocket launcher & Zafar tactical vehicle

Seen at least as far back as the 2013 Sacred Defense Parade at Tehran, MODAFL has now formally publicized the Falaq ("Twilight") mobile rocket launcher, seen here firing a 333 mm Falaq-2 rocket.

Falaq mobile rocket launcher utilizes variant of Kaviran tactical vehicle; product of DIO

Open source evidence depicts combat applications of similar Falaq rocket launcher type arrangements in use during current Syrian conflict, possibly explaining the timing of this formal publicity. MODAFL claims Falaq rocket launcher system "capability to destroy enemy targets within a radius of 10 kilometers."

Another defense product of DIO now publicized by MODAFL is the Zafar ("Victory") 8x8 tactical heavy vehicle. Claimed specifications include two steerable axles, an operational range of 800 kilometers and capable of carrying loads up to 24 tons over moderately rough terrain and obstacles.

MODAFL claims Zafar vehicle "capable of carrying various launchers, missiles, radars, rockets and command posts”

VIDEO (Irib News)

Photos: and Islamic Republic News Agency


Anonymous said...

These unguided Rockets and Rocket Launchers have been around since 1990's in Iran... What is new then?

Anonymous said...

In the clip the IRGC officer mentions the target will be "precisely destructed" which indicates some sort of guidance system. Iranian troops utilize tactical UAVs on the battlefield in almost every unit, the UAV can be equipped to be laser designator for guiding missiles, artillery shells and rockets towards targets.

Anonymous said...

The picture of Launched rocket show no moving surfaces or similar for guiding the rocket, more importantly no Laser seeker/finder can be seen on the Rocket.

Gurney said...

Wake me up when Irans Islamic 'Nazi regime' regime builds something better than a toothpaste tube with a primitive rocket motor attached. Yaaawn!

Anonymous said...

Not in this show, but you need to understand you are not dealing with some idiots who ignore the value of precision. Both these rockets but also artillery shells in the Iranian ground forces are made "smart" for air guidance on tactical field... both ground based but also increasingly air guided laser designators are used. The Iranian Hawitzer 155 based on Larak island in PG has a range of 55 kms and is laser semi laser guided and can fire 8 rounds per minute.

Anonymous said...

GurneyOctober 3, 2014 at 9:32 PM
Oh,you mean things like liquid and solid fueled medium range ballistic missiles,antiship cruise and ballistic missiles,precision guided munitions,atgms,submarines,sams,armored vehicles,drones,helicopters etc,etc,etc...,in other words all the stuff that iran produces today and all of it pretty far removed from "a toothpaste tube with a primitive rocket motor attached" which by the way dates back to the iran iraq war,I think we can all agree that iran has come a very long way since then

Anonymous said...

hey Gurney, Mark also shows hundreds of photos of iranians building giant shopping malls and bus depots and traffic tunnels and is rumored to soon be showing the latest in Iranian advanced-designed commodes and sinks with running water, both cold AND hot!

everything's up to date in Iran and on behalf of the entire Lollipop Guild, Mark welcomes you to wake up and see all the progress!!!

psst..... you wanna a space monkey, maybe, mister?????

Mark Pyruz said...

Anon 3:07, too funny!

Sinks with running water? Hot AND Cold? Been the 70's since I lived in Shemiran but I do remember we had those...

Anonymous said...

I don't care much about the politics or this and that regime, but bear in mind the following:
i) Iran had a tough revolution which followed chaos
ii) It had a 8 year long war with Iraq while under sanctions by US (the main economy) and many of its followers
iii) It has had continuously the greatest brain drain in the world in 35 years, mass exodus of educated and skilled people
iv) It is under severe sanctions since a decade ago, almost choking the people of Iran
v) It is located in an unsafe region with major security problems

Yet it is struggling to progress pretty determined:

If Iran had not been under sanction it had bypassed many countries and would have been part of top ten or at least top 20 without any doubt in mind. So sanctions are not hurting the this or that regime but the progress of the Iranian nation as such. I am confident smart Iranians are against it and determined by turn the threat of sanctions to opportunities to get into areas where they would have not paid attention to if no sanctions were applied, like being the 9th country in the world to put a satellite into orbit while under severe sanctions:

In other words the glory of the Persian scientific contribution will be restored:

Farzam said...

Firstly although Falaq1,2 were designed in the 90s they were never adopted by Iran's armed forces, although they were exported to Hezbollah and Syria. I believe their performance in Syrian civil war proved their worth in infantry support and etc. so Iran's armed forces began ordering them.

Secondly these unveiling is about the new universal launcher which can use both Falaq1,2 and has automated loading crane and is mounted on Iranian mounted Kaviran, we have seen this launcher one year ago in parade so it must have completed its tests now because in a photo we saw a number of them lined up for delivery.

Anonymous said...

@AnonymousOctober 4, 2014 at 5:09 AM

The whole of computer indian coming to US and working in US companies are Brain-Drain too
much more than iranian

Anonymous said...

Now those of you who (and I am not a regime supporter) ridicule these weapon system, know very well that the West would have never negotiated with Iran, if they could have taken out the Iranian nuclear facilities. That is thanks to these "Toothpaste" tubes and others maybe not be very advanced weapon systems but enough to deter them from attacking Iran.
I am sure many of you residing in the West, would be grateful to the military capabilities of Iran, if ISIS would have entered some of the Iranian cities where you might still have family members and Iran was in the same situation as Iraq and Syria.

Anonymous said...

Mark, I'm sure that things that were readily available in Iran in the 1970s are not necessarily readily available there now.

on the other hand, back then Iranian politicians weren't subject to arrest on charges of sorcery and back then it has harder to get temporary marriage licenses before setting out on a dirty week-end.