Sunday, October 5, 2014

German and Iranian military assistance to Peshmerga forces

Two recent examples of German and Iranian military assistance to Peshmerga in Iraq  
Above: video still from a Bumdeswehr video dated 02OCT14 depicting German training assistance to Peshmerga in Germany on operating the MILAN anti-tank guided missile (ATGM).

German Bundeswehr on 31AUG14 announced Peshmerga are to receive 30 launchers and 500 rockets, with delivery in two portions.

There is a history of Iraqi Army usage of the MILAN system stretching as far back as the Baath era. Now German deliveries and training are being directed toward an Iraqi sectarian militia in the fight against ISIL.

Below, complete video:

Below: Peshmerga-fielded SPG-9 Kopye (“Spear”) 73 mm recoilless gun. Note what appears to be Iranian ammo box. There exists extensive arms commonality between Iran and the Iraqi Peshmerga.


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Brig.Gen.Basrawi (IQAF.ret said...

I would rate the ATGMs that our military used during the 80s in the following order: 1. HOT 2. Milan 3. AT-3 and finally 4.AT-2

The HOT was more powerful than TOW missile which Iran had, equal to the improved version of TOW which Iran recieved later from Israel (though Khomeini in his speeches denied the fact, discarding any allegations of Iran having connections with Israel or the US). Ironically Iranian successes on the battlefield coincided with a shifting of weapon supplies from Iraq to Iran by the US and Israel in later half of 1985.