Saturday, April 6, 2013

Seven tower cranes in a single view, Kish Island

Visible in this photo are no less than seven tower cranes employed in high-rise building construction at Kish Island in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Obviously Iran is not being economically reduced by sanctions to the extent depicted in our mainstream media news.

We Americans just received bad news concerning our own economic recovery, in the form of lower than expected employment hiring. Just imagine if rapprochement with Iran could be carried out, politically, what economic stimulus that could provide for American business given the opportunity with which to do business inside the Islamic Republic. It would initially be worth tens of billions of dollars. 


Anonymous said...

Wow iran has a crane!

These ridiculous spam posts by a liar who doesn't live in iran and who would never move there are really making this site un readable

Anonymous said...

There are more ways than one to measure the economic activities of a country. Looking into the amount of construction work being conducted is quite common, and the cranes in question are obviously a telling sign of such activities.

My thanks to Mark for yet another eyeopening post.

Anonymous said...

These cranes are the key to the future not only of the United States, but indeed all of humanity -- a state whose total GDP is less than 1/15th that of the US, which has the 6th highest inflation rate in the world, and which, "According to Mehr news agency, the report published by Majlis’ Research Center reads, “Iran’s economic growth in 2012 stood at 0.36 percent which ranks Iran the 23rd country in the region and 164th in the world in economic growth."

Anonymous said...

Why look at GDP per capita, economic growth, inflation, and unemployment when you can look at cranes?

Anonymous said...

Tens of billions of dollars?

I wasn't sure what the political stance of this blog it's clear.

Anonymous said...

what say this jealous crowd of anti irnian.
the allmosz european countries inclusiv, Germany havd GDP Growth < 0
are they going to die ?
and obviously the construction sector enjoy a big boom.

I am coming from trip to iran, all you hear about economical problem are exagerration progpaganda blah-blah

as ussual the people are yammer at high level.

"oh god, i can not go for the next holiday to dubaI , I can not buy A NEW car"
but they are realy not going to bad

Anonymous said...

Okay, then the sanctions opponents should stop blaming sanctions for killing Iranian hemophiliac kids and for denying chemotherapy to Iranian cancer patients, as they have been claiming in the media.

Anonymous said...

You must of seen a lot of bright colored lights in your "trip" :o)

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:15PM, In the US every couple days they cite "exciting information" that an unemployment rate fell or risen, a little bit, and they hide usually information that the food and other stuff's prices doubled or tripled during the last ten years. Instead of using cranes' examples they cite numbers of "recently created jobs" by small businesses.

They also pretend to adjust social security benefits by 1 or 3%, after couple years claiming that that increase "matches the price's increases"...

"Poor" senators and other representatives, never forget about their salary's increases.