Monday, April 29, 2013

Rafsanjani Softens Stance Toward Israel

‘We Are Not at War with Israel’

Iran’s influential former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said today that Iran is not at war with Israel, Sharq daily reported. (Sharq, 29 April)

Ayatollah Rafsanjani’s comments is seen as an effort by a number of influential politicians to repair Iran’s image abroad after Ahmadinejad’s provocative remarks on Israel and the Holocaust during his eight-year presidency prompted international outcry. he remark is seen as part of growing calls by high-profile Iranian politicians, including potential presidential candidates, to repair Iran’s image abroad. Ahmadinejad’s comment in 2005 that Israel should be destroyed prompted an international outcry.

Last week, Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf — Tehran mayor and a leading candidate in the June presidential election — said Ahmadinejad’s anti-Jewish remarks have damaged Iran.

Ayatollah Rafsanjani has not said whether he plans to run in the election.

File photo: Former Iranian President Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani (Baztab)


Anonymous said...

That is correct
Iran has no benefit to mix himself inm Holoxat debatte.
That is something for jew a tool for fundraising and take and blackmail money from european and american.

better we stay out.

Anonymous said...

Kuseh is stating the obvious. Iran is not at war with the Zionist entity, if it were the Zionist pups would be history.

Anonymous said...

very good; now he has to enter the race ...

Anonymous said...

With what? Their 40 year old air force. 1950-1960 tanks, and copies of 1950 Soviet Missile Technology?
You are such loosers. At least he is not as stupid as the rest of the Mullahs and "bache basijis"

mat said...

Whoever would-be-president of IRAN is, the most of all, never ever bow to the well-known world's most evil nation on earth, the Zionist Regime State of Israel's evil wishes. Never, forever and ever.

Anonymous said...

This also shows the open and vibrant political dynamism of Iranian democracy unlike the Zionist US police state that stifles debate and plurality. In US he would be sent to GITMO or worse.

Anonymous said...

A pity that the usraelis don`t see it that way,what would Rafsanjani call those dead scientists?,an unfortunate mistake perhaps?

B.M.A said...

Unlike Israel that thrives on trouble in the middle east and can't afford to see regional Nation live in peace and harmony the noble Nation of IRAN is not at war with anybody not even Jundollah.MANY people will realize that IRAN'S military might guarantees peace in the region meaning that it will remain an oasis of peace in a turbulent region!.
WHEN will people learn that IT IS AN ABOMINABLE SIN IN ISLAM TO WAGE WAR against people who are not at war with you!.

Mark Pyruz said...

Actually these remarks are not new. Similar remarks have been made during the Ahmadinejad administration by Iran's UN representative Zarif on the Charlie Rose Show at PBS, among other venues.

Anonymous said...

Medication taken ?

Anonymous said...

Rafsanjani looks like an Iranian version of father Jack in the tv comedy called father Ted. Did anyone else notice that?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:15 I was referring to Anon 6:49

Anonymous said...

Heard of Kazirack or Evin at all ?

Anonymous said...

The article under a title about Rafsanjani, continues previous attacks on the leadership of the Islamic Republic.
In this case it is a preelection attack on the president Ahmadinejad and his supporters.

The leadership of Islamic Republic repeatedly stated that its military forces are not for aggressions against other countries, but it also stated that they will respond with full powers to any agressions.

Wasn't Ahmadinejad's rhethoric compelled by the Zionists' accussations that he was one of the "terrorists" who held American embassy's captives (hostages).
Those Zionists' inseminated accusations, spoiled Ahmadinejad's plans for any communication with the Western leaders...

Why the owner of this blog hasn't been citing words of Mr. E.R. Mashaei, where he stated his position about Jews and other relateds views?.

Mr. Ahmadinejad is not "a spent one (bullet)", he have a good chance for a come back at right time and he has still support of significant part of population.
His few ordinary mistakes are amendable ones and the Supreme Leader will forgive him at the right time.

Ahmadinejad has informed in the previous months, that it would be an honor for him, to serve as an vice president to his present chief of staff Mr. Mashaei, if he would be elected as a president...

Mr. Rafsanjani's position, described by the above article, is too vogue to make any judgment, but if he has ideas, he should not hide himself behind backs of others and instead run in presidential election- because he isn't ill or senile.

The most important perequisite for any presidential quolification will be the ability to implement economical resistance strategy as envisioned and stated by the Supreme Leader Ajatollah S. Khamenei.

Anonymous said...

New United Snakes intelligence assessment:

Iran increasingly controls most of central and southern Iraq through the Shi’a-dominated government of prime minister Nouri Al Maliki. The tens of billions of dollars and the thousands of lives spent by the United States in Iraq has resulted in this, which leads to the next item:

The only entities the Sunni and Shi’a Arabs hate more than Israel and The United States, are each other.

Already a civil war is raging in Syria on that basis and is in its incipient stages in Iraq. Lebanon is divided as we have seen. The substantial Shi’a populations of the Arab side of the Persian Gulf are in turmoil, as represented by the uprising in Bahrain, contained only due to brutal military intervention by Saudi Arabia.

The Middle East a few years from now is likely to look very little like it does now. But what the new picture will be like is impossible to determine or even guess. Stay tuned.

Nader Uskowi said...

But the importance of these remarks is that they are coming from Rafsanjani.

Anonymous said...

Solution to most problems in ME starts with ;

Division of Saudi Arabia into 3 countries

1 Shia (already exists 35-40% population concentrated in a specific area in SA.)
2 Collective management for the holy sites.
3 Rest ((there, they can hold their slaves and Hang and behead each other for any reason... Nobody would care anymore and they could even be Wahabies,, as long as they stay in there !)

then and only then, it would be the start of the end of the ME wars and other regional problems

The Israelis that keep pouring feul into this sectarian conflicts should be threatened with a General Assembly vote on the confiscation of all already built houses on the after 67 war territories and it should be handed over to the Palestinian, no matter what and how many more they build and how many they have already built.... (that would castrate them long enough for the disintegration of their strategic ally "Saudi Arabia" into something else Arabia)

or this vote should take place regardless..

I personally do not believe the US has anything under control, nor the old Fox (UK), its all a bluff of propaganda and make belief.

But I guess we have to stay put and let the dice roll

Azari by fortune and Iranian by Grace of God
Dariush London

Anonymous said...

I love that comedy series! But father Jack seems more honest :o)

Anonymous said...

NO but US GITMO gulag for sure! Even Al-Jazeera is now voicing concerns at US atrocities and respression.

Anonymous said...

Good point. Actually according to the CIA future trends assessment both the Zionist entity (demographically unsustainable) and corruption ridden family owned Saudi Arabia are also on the failed states index.

Saudi Arabia is another country that many in the intelligence community feel could become a failed state. The House of Saud, the monarchy that rules Saudi Arabia, is criticized for widespread human rights abuses, particularly of the Shia minority which constitutes over 30% of the population and a majority in the oil rich Ash-Sharqīyah‎ or Eastern province.

Women's rights are severely curtailed and summary executions are held without due process or legal recourse. There is rampant corruption in the ruling royal family and political activity or even minor media access is not allowed. Criticism of the Al-Saud family is punishable by death. There are strong under-currents of terrorism and the kingdom holds the dubious claim to be the birth place of Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaida terrorist group.

Failed States Report: Unstable Countries in the 21st Century.

Anonymous said...

Then your head must be under some mullahs abah :o)

Anonymous said...

Failed states include: Zimbabwe,North Korea,Syria,Somalia,Afghanistan,Pakistan,Cuba and Iran under the puritanical and barbarous mullah theocracy.

Anonymous said...

Do you even now the name of the detention center? It is Kahrizak not kazirack. Also, isn't there police brutality in the US? Let alone gitmo. If you think there isn't ask the majority of African Americans.

Anonymous said...

NO they are US and the Zionist entity!

Anonymous said...

Like father Jack, would he have a hidden stash of alcohol?

Anonymous said...

Oh so you do know where the detention centers are in Iran then?
And by the way it's not "GITMO" but Guantanamo for your information.
Your propaganda nonsense is shameful really,considering the innocent Iranian people that the Islamist regime is torturing and executing by the hundreds every week of the year.At least the US catches real terrorists and puts them where they rightly belong.There is police brutality everywhere in the world but in Iran they have perfected it to torturing and executing real opposition against the ruling regime.

Anonymous said...

No but unlike father Jack,Rafsanjani has a hidden stash of stolen loot :o)

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:13 PM....For once in your life stop being the unofficial shit shoveler of the IRI and except reality that those countries mentioned by Anon 4:10 PM are failed states :o)

Anonymous said...

Being Irans Shit Shoveler, is no shame for an Iranian.
Being a shit shoveler for US/UK/Israel is a problem.
So lets face it take a step back and look at yourself and shame on you, you western shit shoveler !

btw you are one and constantly implying to be more. not that nobody notices.
its that nobody cares enough to give you a " tusari " and say "khak tu sare bikaret !"

Anonymous said...

Will you stop pretending you're a "black man" to gain sympathy from Uskowi.

Anonymous said...

Don't delude yourself into thinking you're sh*t shoveling for Iran pal.
You are a sh*t shoveler for the Islamic terrorist regime occupying Iran.
That makes you an enemy of the downtrodden Iranian nation under occupation.
And what makes it worse you are a Sh*t Shoveling Cappuccino Drinking IRI
Groupie that is hypocritically living in the West.
Only in your paranoid mind you think that I'm implying to be more.
If nobody cares then why try to answer me back "Badbakht Falakzadeh ?"