Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ipak Trading Center in Tabriz, recently completed

Pics from the formal completion ceremonies for the Ipak Trading Center in Tabriz

The recently completed Ipak Trading Center tower

Ipak business and commercial park

Multilevel view of the commercial park

Overhead pedestrian walkway bridge

Modern architecture mark this building's facade

Stairways and escalators for a multilevel interior

Fountains at the center of the business plaza

Garden and seating provided at the center of the plaza

Ramps to the multilevel underground parking

Underground parking detail

Ahmadinejad and Meshaei at the completion ceremonies

Photos: tabrizemodern.blogfa.com and IRNA.


Anonymous said...

Wow, very well constructed. Even Mahmoud is smiling!

Anonymous said...

Is this another shopping centre?

ArchitectureFan said...

It's difficult to look at concrete and stone as a thing of beauty, but when it's puzzled together like this then it's darn beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Unlike the numerous ugly buildings highlighted by Mr. Mark, this one is actually decent looking.

mat said...

The West's long years of sanctions can't even at the very least afford to deter or stop IRAN's owned-style of infrastructures across the country.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be something of a building boom going on in iran at the moment,hardly a sign of an economy buckling under sanctions

Anonymous said...

Emigrating to Iran at all?
Thought not.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mark, are you commenting on your own blog again as "Anonymous". Kheyli nakessi ,-)

Foad Torshizi said...

I agree with you. But it is unfortunate the a lot of these constructions are fostering more and more an atmosphere of consumerism. It doesn't help with an economy based on resistance under pressure of sanctions.

Anonymous said...

Who of present leaders or presidential candidates have cntrbuted the most in faciliatin or sponsoring that Tabriz's Trading Center?.