Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Pics: Mehr residential housing project at Pardis, under construction

Official Iranian delegation makes its way past cement-related silos and hydraulic crane

Tower cranes operating the construction site

Tower cranes and concrete forms in evidence at this part of the Pardis development

Telescopic hydraulic crane employed in hoisting facade sections applied to the residential tower

Stacked rebar in anticipation of reinforcing concrete

Tracked excavator and concrete mixer transport truck just visible at the center of the pic

Rebar columns visible on construction of the lower floors of the development

Another view of the rebar columns and lower floors

Fairly typical Iranian construction techniques employing reinforced concrete and bricks

Bulldozer employed in the construction of the development's tunnel.
Note the patriotic banners.

Sample interior for the Mehr residential housing project

Photos: Islamic Republic News Agency

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Anonymous said...

Good solid construction. Iranian civil engineering doing a very professional job with high quality results. Thanks of posting these positive images that give a glimpse into the real Iran and its amazing progress despite all the obstacles.