Thursday, April 25, 2013

Inauguration of IRIR Qom Railway Belt

Formal ceremonies for newly inaugurated IRIR railway belt outside Qom

Iranian-built Wagon Pars/DESA AD43C diesel locomotive pulling a variety of freight rolling stock

Newly inaugurated railway belt seen from the air

GE U30C diesel locomotive pulling a variety of freight rolling stock including hopper and tank container cars

Vintage EMD/General Motors GT26CW series diesel locomotive (No. 60-870)

Photos: Islamic Republic News Agency and


Anonymous said...

Every single mile of rail saves 1 life, considering the road statistics of Iran.

Dariush London

Anonymous said... --- Iranian Railways

Anonymous said...

very impressive that Iran has the 19th century technical know-how to build and operate a railroad.

a great and valuable article and yet more proof that Iran is in the forefront of fourth-tier nations.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Great news. Iran is creating a railway hub with Central Asia and every additional rail-line helps Iran's growing modern infrastructure. IRAN PAYENDEBAD.

Anonymous said...

The most important matter is to act and inspire, regardless of dificulties.

It is not important that they use older technologies, due to sanctions, but it is important that they create an employment for people and prepare cadres, who in better international conditions, will modernize or invent better technologies in shorter time than if they would be idle and wait for "better times".

As of recently, Iran designed and commissioned its first 250 MW turbine, at a dam, for the generation of electricity.


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