Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tabiat Bridge in Tehran, under construction

Four tower cranes work the construction site in this view

Tabiat (Nature) Bridge connects the park to the highway, providing three routes for horse carriages, bikes and pedestrians

Iranian ironworkers and laborers applying their trade. Construction photos dated 2013.

Photos: Feriedoun Ghornabi at Shahr.ir and alitezar at SC.net


Mark Pyruz said...

Amazing how some folks who haven't seen the country in many years insist Iran's economy is "in ruins".

Anonymous said...

The deluded enemies of Iran live in oceans of fantasy and self-hate. BTW, as an engineer it is really great to see the high quality of Iranian civil engineering, particularly the honed-in skills at structures, concreting and design. Iranian civil engineering is undoubtedly world-class. The ruins are in the decaying US infrastructure due to endless warmongering and a bankrupt economy thanks to Zionism and fleecing the deadbeat US taxpayer. US does not even have a fast train yet while China has completed 60,000 kms of super high-speed trains and Meglev.

China has successfully developed a high-speed train that will travel at 620 miles per hour through maglev lines in airless tubes underground. China now has the world's most extensive and advanced meglev train system

Iran should be looking at a Chah-bahar to Tehran and then dual linkage to Mashhad and Tabriz fast train link with Chinese assistance. Iran is a rich and sparsely populated vast country and a high speed train link would be an economic boon for regional development as India is now using Chah-bahar as its major Persian Gulf transport hub for the region and beyond.

Anonymous said...

Mr Pyrus mis-taking his own monologue for dialogue (with some imaginary other)

Anonymous said...

Letter to the Editor: Iran’s Annual Inflation Rate Is 82.5%


Surenas said...

Pyruz is doing this for quite some time now. Most people who react on his 'construction articles' is mr. Pyruz himself.

Anonymous said...

If you are only 2-3 Years out of iran and go back
you can recognize the country not any more.
everything is in change, new roads, new bridges, new streets
the face of city is changed continueierly
very dynamic society

Anonymous said...

"Not in Ruins"...Many families that cannot make ends meet while working more than one job will certainly have an issue with that.

Anonymous said...

Pyrus,building a walkway across a motorway doesn't mean that the economy is blooming.The only thing blooming in Iran is poverty hunger and cruelty.

Anonymous said...

And a way of thought that belongs to the seventh century.Saudi Arabia like Iran has fancy buildings but their mentality like Islamic theocracy occupying Iran is of the seventh century.

Anonymous said...

Hitler built a lot of "Autobahns" , new roads, fancy buildings etc...
At the end of the Second WW Germany was in ruins.
The policies of the Mullah's can lead to the destruction of everything that was built and is being built after the war with Iraq.
They are looking forward to a military conflict with the US to crack down on the internal opposition and buy a few more years in power with devastating consequences for Iran.

Anonymous said...

Spot on :o)

B.M.A said...

at least you are admitting something!!by saying a conflict with the US will not bring down the regime but will instead survive to unleash terror to THE INTERNAL OPPOSITION -are you slowly learning that IRAN IS A FORTRESS NO ONE WILL subdue Her?.

Anonymous said...

BMA Stop your bullshit. Since when are you an expert on Iranian history, politics, military, social history, etc.... ?
You are free to express your opinions even when they are stupid but don't try to teach us Iranians about our country.
I love my country, but I hate the people running it at the moment because they are not considering the national interests of Iran. The power and their Ideology is more important to them than what will happen to Iran if wrong policies are implemented.
Iran can be subdued, it is just a question of the price that the west has to be willing to pay. The North Korean crisis has proven it even more clearly to the west and the Americans in particular that they can not live with a regime in Iran with Nuclear weapons. The are serious when they say they will never allow it. Khamenei knows that too and will hopefully be drinking a second "Chalice" of poison if he is as smart as Khomeini was.
The country will be weakened by further sanctions and if the Mullahs are not willing to cooperate, there will be a massive Arial attack against Iran.
You take your fight with the Americans as a fanatic muslim to their court or do it in your own country (where ever you are from) instead of wet dreaming about the Iranian nation to pay a heavy price for your fanatic interpretation of Islam as a religion.

Anonymous said...

Your moronic and disjointed comment not withstanding, Iran is doing fine and will be fine. Now go back and drown in self-loathing and self-consuming Iran-hate. The only heavy price of warmongering is being paid by the deadbeat and bankrupt US under Zionist plundering occupation.

Anonymous said...

Stop hiding under anonymous Mark Pyruz.

B.M.A said...

ANON April 10, 2013 at 1045am!

after reading your childish tantrums ,it is evident that you wont change even after attending this adult discussion for too long!!people like you are funny as we saw in high school,you belong to a group of people who wish to own every thing! always right-the 'my Mum is the only best parent in the world' type!.NOW let us expose your wisdom to some basic factual and sober replies!-may be you will learn something!.

it is true i may not be an expert but i could be part of Iranian history,politics and social history.and your claim that i taught you ANYTHING about 'your country' is a false accusation as you may learn by going back to the reply!.

what did you mean by saying you love 'your country' but hate the people running it at the moment.-had you been a rational person this is what you would have said-"i hate their ideology,especially if practiced in government ,i would wish them to take their ideology back to the mosques and leave politics to politicians to run the country!!"-you don't hate a Hindu for practicing his faith,we don't hate a people! we hate what they do,-this is the rule for all civilized people which i wish you to join without delay!.

your claim that 'Iran can be subdued ! it is only the question of price the west is willing to pay..!'-YOU ARE AWFULLY WRONG!-i wish you said-"the regime can be subdued"-can anyone having the Nation at heart wish it to be subdued!!you are the type of foolish people who would wish the US carpet bomb the Nation while you watch the 'movie 'safely away safely from the scene of action!.

and why did you mention north Korea and a threat TO the US!- NO SANE ANALYST will give this threat some substance given the reality and gravity of situation!North Korea has no threat to accost the US!MANY PEOPLE BELIEVE THAT THE BOMB in the hands of the North is a creation of the CIA! to scare Japan and a false flag to justify a US permanent occupation of the peninsula!so as to monitor china Russia and Japan!

you say the Nation will be weakened by further sanctions-you are wrong! on the contrary very soon the WEST will be force to drink the 'chalice' and court the IRANIAN Nation to save themselves from an impending economic tsunami! that will shake these heartless capitalistic Nations!and by imagining that missiles will rain on the Nation in a massive Ariel attack by your superpower!-you only expose what you stand for,but are you serious that THE OPTIONS ARE STILL there on a table in the US after 32 years?

Muslim Iranians have no war to wage with anyone!The US has its own wars and it normally takes those wars to the court of the perceived enemies!and CONCERNING MY 'COUNTRY' -i wish you new something!!.

with Iran 'owners' like you ,DOES the NATION need ENEMIES?

Murteza said...

I agree with B.M.A: I am also an Iranian living out of Iran for a very long time, but do appreciate what all progress is going on there. All is due to what our nation has resisted to surrender superpowers. Though, I agree there may be things that we do not like or disagree with, but overall, Iran is a RISING nation. We have some Iranians who are really in a state of dream, they left Iran when the country needed them and now can’t accept all the progress the nation is making as their mind never (grew) accepts it. During my stay out of Iran I have been trying to help my nation as much as I could and will continue, as the one who are under embargo for about 30 years or so (who are your relatives and mine or our countrymen) are making the history that even the USA is amazed. now My dear Iranian friend, please educate yourself and be out of your dream as the imperialist is working day and night to destabilize Iran and countries alike. So either we pay and achieve independence or submit to their demands and live in slavery.
Moreover, why shouldn’t we be a leading nation in the world without Killing, Bullying, and destabilizing other nations whereas, we have a rich past history and the present intelligence within our nation. Also our Iranian scientist are working in different organization of different countries even USA it means we can do the same for our own nation too. I don’t know who is Mark Pyruz or B.M.A. but at least appreciate that even non Iranian understand what is going on in Iran and respect their observations. I also request you to play your rule in your native country by whatever means you can. Long live all those people who do not have a sadist, savage criminal and inhumane mind and long live Iran and all those countries which are working for the humanity.

Anonymous said...

The Architect of this project is Iranian, but the structural Engineers are Italian: http://www.maffeis.it/index.php/projects/show/DIB/004