Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Iran Project Report Recommends U.S. to Hold Two-Way Talks With Tehran

Emphasizing Diplomacy over Punitive Measures

A report published today by the Iran Project, a U.S. bipartisan group of former diplomats, military officers and lawmakers, recommends that the U.S. government should change its approach on Iran by holding two-way talks and offering to ease punitive sanctions in exchange for nuclear concessions, The Wall Street Journal reported.
“Here is an option that really ought to be looked at before you move to military force,” said veteran U.S. diplomat Thomas Pickering. “The negotiation track should be made as robust and forward leading as the pressure track has been up until now.” (The Wall Street Journal, 17 April)

The approach resembles the Obama administration's strategy, but heightens emphasis on diplomacy over punitive measures, the Journal says. 
“The more the president threatens the use of force, the more difficult it will be for Iran's defiant leadership to consider any offer, and the more the president will be under pressure to use the military force,” the report said. 
The Iran Project recommendations have been endorsed by Richard Lugar, the former Republican senator; Ryan Crocker, the former ambassador to Afghanistan and Iraq; Michael Hayden, the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency; Lee Hamilton, who was a Democratic congressman and a co-chairman of the commission that studied the Sept. 11 attacks; Ann-Marie Slaughter, a top State Department official in the Obama administration; and Mr. Pickering, a former United Nations ambassador in the George H.W. Bush administration.


Anonymous said...

and, of course, the report starts out by asserting that there would not be an opportunity for any negotiated settlement without the sanctions and threats of force.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The full report states the obvious that the pathetic sanctions have failed and are turning the Iranian popualtion more anti-American and strengthening support for the government. It also questions the control of AIPAC and Zionist lobby over US foreign policy, particularly its anti-Iran stance.

The critique comes as both Israel and Congress are urging the administration to go in the opposite direction, to put a sharp time limit on negotiations and, if necessary, to go beyond the financial and oil sanctions and turn the confrontation into a military strike against Iran. AIPAC and the Zionist lobby are ardent supporters of a US suicidal war with Iran.

In an interview, Mr. Pickering also contended that Mr. Obama should review the covert program against Iran — which has included computer sabotage of its nuclear facilities — to “stop anything that is peripheral, that is not buying us much time” in slowing Iran’s progress. The report itself, however, says nothing about the sabotage effort, which has been a major element of the American strategy.

Anonymous said...

Interesting video.I hope you know what the solutions are for Iran as regards the economy and the general well being of the nation?

Anonymous said...

The only people sabotaging Iran are the mullahs and their cronies.The rest is fabricated spin to keep the people occupied and maintain the regime in power.

Anonymous said...

Reports like this make depressing reading,the us is divorced from reality and still thinks that it can dictate terms to iran,it can`t even remove most of the sanctions with out the approval of congress so what does it have to offer iran?,oh we wont impose more sanctions,why on earth would iran accept that,thats just more of the same threats,the us needs to realise that its position in the ME is an increasingly weak one and its in no position to dictate to anyone especially iran