Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New pics: Persian Gulf Star hotel tower in Shiraz, under construction

Thirty-three floors of the tower's planned thirty-five now evident, in this pic

Concrete framing evident on the upper reaches of the construction effort

Artist's rendering of the completed tower

Photos: Habib Kavoosi at


Mark Pyruz said...

In addition to all this construction going on in Iran, Flynt Leverett now reports "because of sanctions... Iran’s non-oil exports have become much more competitive, and are growing. In percentage terms, they can now cover 50-60 percent of their imports with non-oil exports.":

Anonymous said...

Iran was diversifying its huge economy any way and now due to these largely impotent sanctions there is greater emphasis on manufacturing, electricity grid integration and trade with neighboring states. The number of Iranians and Iranian firms in the Caucasus, particularly Georgia have grown exponentially. Then realistically speaking most of the ex-Soviet stans, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia etc and Caucuses were part of the Persian Empire anyway and there is a lot of cultural affinity to this day. Iran's economy both the open and gray one is now estimated at around a TRILLION DOLLARS as these mammoth construction projects show. Iran's prosperity is now spread even to regional centers.

mat said...

Once it is completed, it will just look like a 'building tower of blossom'. What a wonderful architectural design!

Anonymous said...

Mark are you going to move to iran and blog from there?

Anonymous said...

The IRI's so-called "non-oil exports" include products that actually are derived from oil. So much for "non-oil exports"!

leopersica said...

Mark ,
thanks for posting this ,IMF reports Irans Economy under-sanctions to grow again in 2014 see the link bellow :

on the other hand non oil export reported by Iranian custom authority does not include exports of construction contracts / engineering services this is estimated to up the figures of 47 billion released by Iranian Customs Organization by 25% .
Iranian comanies are now active in KENYA,SRILANCA,VENEZUELA,IRAQ,SUDAN,NIGER,BELARUS,TURKMENISTAN,UZBEKISTAN and TAJIKISTAN, DJIBOUTI,LEBANAON,PAKISTAN! building hydroelectric ,combined cycle ,geothermal power plants numerous housing projects water distribution networks and pipelines ,downstream petroleum projects and water and waste-water plants
It also leaves out revenues of Iranian investments outside of Iran to name a few IKCO and SAIPA have joint operations in various countries.

Anonymous said...

Also, in that same article:

"The country's gross domestic product is forecast to shrink 1.3 percent this year after contracting 1.9 percent last year, the IMF estimated in a report forming part of its half-yearly analysis of the world economy.

That was a downgrade from the IMF's last report in October, when it estimated Iran's GDP would shrink only 0.9 percent in 2012 and grow 0.8 percent in 2013.

The latest IMF report was prepared before Tuesday's major earthquake that struck Iran near the border with Pakistan.

The international body forecast unemployment in Iran would rise to 13.4 percent this year and 14.7 percent in 2014 from 12.5 percent in 2012.

But the IMF also predicted GDP would resume expanding in 2014, at a pace of 1.1 percent. This suggests the economy will be able to find domestic sources of demand to at least partly compensate for its damaged export industries."